Celebrities Vs. Animals: Who’s Cuter?

The ultimate cuteness throw down

Have you checked out the genius Tumblr Ryan Gosling Vs. Puppies? Well, it’s the blog that dares to ask the question we’ve all been thinking — Is Ryan Gosling cuter than a puppy?

After scrolling through the blog…multiple times, and “awwing” each time at each adorable picture…we were inspired. Sure, Ryan’s cute. But he’s not the only celebrity cute enough to be compared to an animal. So, we picked some of our other celebrity crushes to compare to pets.

We want to know: Who do you think is cuter? Vote and let us know what you think.

Adele or a kitten?

Ashton Kutcher or a puppy?

Demi Lovato or a puppy?

Ian Somerhalder or a puppy?

Emma Stone or a kitten?

Joseph Gordon Levitt or a kitten?

Kristen Stewart or a kitten?

Justin Timberlake or a puppy?

Rihanna or a puppy?

Taylor Lautner or a wolf?

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  • unogirl101

    🙂 those puppies with joseph and justin had me craking up and that cat with kristen….. fell out my chair XD

  • jess

    now i love my dog a LOT but she will never be as cute as alex pettyfer <3 sorry josie x