DIY gURL: Duct Tape Ideas

Leopard print duct tape? We're in!

Welcome to the new crafting era of… duct tape! You read that right, duct tape. Once only pulled out for quick fix home improvement projects, duct tape is suddenly a trendy tool that’s popping up in lots of craft projects. The tape comes in a variety of colors and patterns — we’re talking leopard print and tye-dye! — and can be used to make bracelets, rings, redesign wallets and refurbish backpacks.

We’re particularly digging the duct tape friendship bracelets we’ve been seeing. Here’s a super quick friendship bracelet how to idea to get your duct tape creativity juices flowing: Cut two strips of the most fun colored tape you can find into 8 inch strips. Tape the strips together, tacky sides facing in.  Wrap the strip around your wrist and secure with a small piece of tape. Tada! Super simple and really cheap.

And did you know, you could win a college scholarship for making a prom dress out of duct tape? DIY pays!

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  • Asha

    hey, where should I get the best kind of colorful duct tape?