Pics: Crying Beliebers That Will Make You Giggle

Couldn't manage a smile?

So it’s pretty much been established that Justin Bieber fans are, to put it nicely, crazypants bananas intense. And that’s putting it nicely! But when you’re not on the Belieber train, it’s hard not to laugh at the sobfest reactions this guy gets. So much emotion for such a little dude!

The whole crying over a celebrity thing? We’ve never done it. But, we get it — When passion takes over, passion takes over. What can you do? And what can we do other than get a little chuckle out of the resulting pictures. Take a look at these photos of gURLs losing their cool over the Biebs and let us know — would you cry if you met your favorite celebrity?

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  • Natalie

    the first one really made me fall out of my chair laughing too hard 😀

  • kraCyTaylover

    LOL,,the 3rd one ,,,the girl looks like a mummyyyyy!!
    and yess! i would definitely CRY if i ever meet Taylor Lautner,,,or even Demi Lovato,,,i think Demi is a really really strong person. and taylor,,,i just love him!!

  • Hattie

    The girl in the second picture looked like she was singing O.O
    But I just couldn’t get that worked up over someone I didn’t know period. But, hey, I’ll only say that until put in the position. Like the post said “when passion takes over, it takes over”! 😛

  • chase

    LMAO! hahaha the last one almost made me pee myself! some girls are so stupid for loving a guy they dont even know. last time i checked i was pretty sure that was a form of stalkerism:)