Nicole Polizzi Says Snooki’s Not A Role Model, But She Is. Um, What?!

Role model? Um...

Who knew that Nicole Polizzi and Snooki were two different personalities? We definitely didn’t. We kind of just assumed that the way Nicole acts as Snooki on Jersey Shore is the way Nicole acts in every day life. But on The Today Show, Nicole discusses her two personalities and gives us a pretty obvious statement, saying: “Snooki is not a role model.”

Come on, let’s be honest here… we’re pretty sure everyone was aware of that one already. On the most recent season of Jersey Shore alone, Snooki was shown cheating on her boyfriend, flashing her private areas in a club, giving us some pretty stupid statements, and obviously, getting really, really drunk.

Nicole said, “Snooki’s definitely not a role model — Snooki’s just there to have fun in life — Nicole, I would say, I can be a role model. I’m very strong, independent and I’m loveable, I guess.”

She added, “I think you see more of the party side of me … on the show, but right now, you’re talking to Nicole. It’s like the soft, calm, business-ready person.”

WDYT, gURLs? Could you ever view Nicole as a role model after everything she’s done on the show? What does it mean to be a role model? Can you be one just half of the time? Discuss in the comments.

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  • PunkGlitterGrrl

    Hahahahaha… Snooki, You’re kidding, right??????

  • ElizabethIrene

    Goodness no.

    Shes funny and cute. But the worst role model on screen.