It Hurts When I Pee. What’s Going On Down There?!

It shouldn't hurt to pee...

Hey Heather,

When I need to go to the toilet, I try but then when I try to “relive” myself it really hurts. It stings really badly and other times it doesn’t. I don’t have my period yet, but is this the start of it? Help!

I’m not your doctor, so I can’t tell you for sure what’s wrong with you, but I can give you some ideas about what it could be. If it hurts when you pee, there could be a few things going on down there — but there’s no need to freak about it yet. It’s most likely an infection that can be easily taken care of.

I can tell you that this most likely does not mean you’re about to get your period. Usually, when you feel a burning pain when you use the bathroom, it means you could have a urinary tract infection. It might sound scary, but UTI’s are easily fixed with medication from your doctor. It could also be a different kind of bacterial infection or a yeast infection. Do you have any discharge? Have you noticed any strange smells? Have you had sex with anyone recently? These could all be important factors in determining what’s going on.

The best thing for you to do is to see a doctor. There’s no need to feel embarrassed about it. gURLs get infections down there mighty frequently, so it’s totally normal. Your doctor can tell you exactly what’s wrong and get it fixed. Please make sure you don’t ignore this, though — that can only lead to something more serious.

WDYT, gURLs? Have you ever had a UTI or a yeast infection? What did it feel like? Give us your advice and discuss below.

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  • Daisy

    I hav da same problem it starts hurtin when im finishing up and i cant take it, it also makes me fell like i hav to go again help im only 15th and im scared i told me mom but shes not really helping its been going on for 4 days now (it hurts so much im crying when i kno ihav to go pee)

  • Jamie

    I’ve had pain while urinating ever since my period wad over.. til this day it hurts while urinating.. I’m scared.. yeah I had sex with someone before I started my period.. what should I do?? I’m scared to tell my mom, I really don’t wanna tell her about me having sex with someone

  • Venique

    Well when i go to the bathroom an go pee and in the end of my pee it burns like hell what can that be? Help!

  • zoi

    When I go to the bathroom to pee is hurt a lot I don’t want to tell my mom I am scare to tell he what I should do

  • Alaina

    Help just found out I’m pregnant last week and now for the last two mornings it hurts when I pee the fist time is this normal for pregnancy or is it more?

  • luna

    last night my i hacked and so i went to the bathroom and then i had to go pee so i did it hert!!!!!!!!!!!!!……. help?

  • courtnee

    So it burns and hurts when I pee and my lady parts its itches ready bad I have not had this problem ever in my life I dont even like to go to the bathroom cuz it hurts to pee and itches so bad I need help its so bad I dont even want my husband to touch me what should I do

  • Demi

    I’ve been having horrible pain when I go to the bathroom. I can urinate properly for about 2 seconds then I have to hold it in and let it come out little at a time. when I’m done it hurts so bad and I can literally cry of the pain. I don’t know what to do. I don’t wanna tell my mom coz i’m afraid she might think i’m doing other things and I am having sex (with protection ofcourse) any advice? please!!

  • Mariah

    Well also when it burns down there you are probably wiping yourself too rough and it may cause a scratch because if it tends to itch that doesn’t really happen so often you may have a scratch or a bump from wiping too hard. and that might be the case to

  • Chelsia

    When I urinate it hurts every time at the end. I thought it was a UTI infection so I bought me some cranberry juice and azo pills but that doesn’t seem to work! This is the first time that this has ever happened to me so I’m pretty freaked out and I’m not sexually active so I don’t know what’s the problem .. any ideas about what could this be?

    • Brooklyn

      thats exactly what is happening to right now!

  • Alicia breen

    Hi there if it burns when peeing it is usaully a uti and you need to go to the doctor and get it checked if left untreated it could become a kidney infection which is more worse but im no doctor

  • Palapia

    I’ve had a few urinary tract infections over the last few years and having sex isn’t the only way to get them. My friend’s 8 year old daughter went in to the doctor with the same symptoms and had a UTI you can get it from having sex, but you can also get it from just wearing pants that are too tight or holding it in to long. Never be afraid to talk to your mom about it. It’s better to get it under control. It’s easily taken care of but left untreated it can get nasty.

  • Nora

    When i go to use the restroom it hurts . Like its starts to hurt really bad towards the end when im basically almost done peeing … im scared. i dont know what it could be .. Help .?

  • Celia Estrada

    well ive been having problems like that and i dont wanna tell my mom because she’ll start thinking that ima be doing something with my bf and idk what to do because i cant stand the burn anymore when i go pee and it burns bad afterwards. what should i do? i think i should tell someone close right?

  • Miki

    HELP!! i have yellow discarge coming from me evryday and some in clumps and some in slimey stufff and latley when i pull down my panties to use the bathroom theres a big string of it hanging out and it feels realy gross when i wipe it offf,
    somtimes it burns when i pee but most of the times no, im nowhere near my period so pleas someone HHEELLLPP!

    • Heather

      It sounds like either bacterial vaginosis or STD… Go get checked at the Dr!!!

  • ElizabethIrene

    Drink Cranberry Juice!!!!!

  • Classygurl

    I’ve had 3 UTI’s within 9 months. That was horrible. The reason why I kept getting them so often was because each time I got it, I didn’t go pee after sex. I do that now so I haven’t had one since June (phew!) They are pretty painful. However, by going to the doctor I got treatment that got rid of it in 5 days, even though the pain got better from the second day!

  • Chantelle

    Cranberry juice really helps if you have a UTI.

  • Nikki

    I have had three, all over the course of a year and a half. They’re very painful, but once you get some antibiotics you’ll be fine. And just because it burns doesn’t mean it’s a UTI or other infection. You could just be dehydrated, I’ve had that issue a lot too. So drink a bunch of water over the next couple days, and if it still hurts, then go see a doc.