It Hurts When I Pee. What’s Going On Down There?!

It shouldn't hurt to pee...

Hey Heather,

When I need to go to the toilet, I try but then when I try to “relive” myself it really hurts. It stings really badly and other times it doesn’t. I don’t have my period yet, but is this the start of it? Help!

I’m not your doctor, so I can’t tell you for sure what’s wrong with you, but I can give you some ideas about what it could be. If it hurts when you pee, there could be a few things going on down there — but there’s no need to freak about it yet. It’s most likely an infection that can be easily taken care of.

I can tell you that this most likely does not mean you’re about to get your period. Usually, when you feel a burning pain when you use the bathroom, it means you could have a urinary tract infection. It might sound scary, but UTI’s are easily fixed with medication from your doctor. It could also be a different kind of bacterial infection or a yeast infection. Do you have any discharge? Have you noticed any strange smells? Have you had sex with anyone recently? These could all be important factors in determining what’s going on.

The best thing for you to do is to see a doctor. There’s no need to feel embarrassed about it. gURLs get infections down there mighty frequently, so it’s totally normal. Your doctor can tell you exactly what’s wrong and get it fixed. Please make sure you don’t ignore this, though — that can only lead to something more serious.

WDYT, gURLs? Have you ever had a UTI or a yeast infection? What did it feel like? Give us your advice and discuss below.

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  • Mia

    I haven’t started my period yet and I haven’t do anything with boys. Before 3 days ago it started to burn down there wherever I am and the time when it doesn’t is when I was peeing but now it hurts really bad when I pee. I don’t want to go to the doctor. What should I do?

  • Lea

    For me the pain isn’t in my urethra, the pain is up in my abdomen and it hurts even when I’m not peeing. But it gets REALLY bad when I do pee. It hurts so much I don’t want to go to the bathroom anymore.