Rihanna Adding Even More to her Bad gURL Image with “We Found Love” Video.

It gets way more steamy then this...

Rihanna’s latest music video for her hit song “We Found Love” finally premiered and to put it lightly, it’s pretty intense. With a storyline revolving around drugs and an abusive relationship, this definitely isn’t the kind of video you see everyday from your average pop star.

The video features (a mostly half-naked) Rihanna and a guy who’s supposed to be her boyfriend hooking up and doing drugs; and going back and forth from being happy together to arguing and screaming at each other.

It’s a little trippy, edgy and pretty crazy, but we’re kind of into the message. It definitely proves one thing: Rihanna is enjoying her bad gURL image. Between this new video and her saying she doesn’t care about being a role model, we have to wonder… is she going a little bit overboard? Watch the video and let us know what you think:

WDYT, gURLs? Do you like the video? Are you feeling Rihanna’s bad gURL image, or do you think she’s just over the top? Discuss in the comments!

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  • Mars

    I think this music video sends a strong positive message for rebellious street teens or adults who are just damaging their bodies with drugs, booze and stealing and wasting their time being rebellious. I don’t understand why people take videos so seriously though. Do you criticize an actor or actress for their ‘villain part’ , its only a movie and its the same with music videos. You either like the video or you don’t.