President Obama Doesn’t Want His Daughters Watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians. WDYT?

Are these gURLs role models?

It might sometimes seem like the whole world is Kardashian-crazy, but apparently President Barack Obama is not a fan of the sisters. Michelle Obama told iVillage that President Obama doesn’t want his young daughters watching any of the Kardashian shows. So does that mean he thinks Kim, Khloe and Kourtney are bad influences? Um, kind of seems like it. And do we disagree? Let’s just say we can see his point.

Michelle told iVillage that they want their daughters to watch the kind of television shows that help them learn something. And really, what educational lessons do you learn from watching the Kardashians? Sure, the gURLs are funny, but are they really the best influences on a young gURL?

Michelle also added that she doesn’t want her daughters raised to be “little princesses.” She said, “They have to make their own beds, to clean up their rooms. Sasha has started doing the laundry. Malia was supposed to be doing it but [Sasha] is really into laundry.”

WDYT, gURLs? Are the Kardashian shows totally harmless? Or are these gURLs bad influences? Discuss in the comments.

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  • kristine

    the obama girls do laundry in the white house? yeah right

  • basschick

    i don’t understand why they are so famous. -_- what did they even do?!?!

    • Morgana5953

      I have asked maybe 10 people that question, and nobody answers me.

  • Mizz Strawberry

    I dnt think Keeping up with the Kardashians is sum lil gurls shuld watch. I mean i love Khloe K. Bcuz she’s tall n pretty nd reminds me of myself bcuz we deal w/ da same “Fat” jokes. but i wuldnt want little gurls thinking its okay to be hoeish lyk KimK(no offence) nd rush into relationships w/ diff athletes afta wks of dating. or wear alot of make up nd certain outfits a lil girl shuldnt b wearing, idk wat positive things the Kardashian show has dat lil girls shuld see

  • Michelle

    I just personally don’t like the Kardashians. They just make me feel uncomfortable and I don’t like watching their show or seeing them so much in the media. I don’t think they should be looked up to as role models, because I wouldn’t want my kids acting like they do. I’d let my kid watch them if they were a certain age, like 15 or 16. But, I wouldn’t allow them to act like they do on that show. I want my kids to be hard workers and earn things instead of having everything handed to them. But, that’s just a personal preference.

  • Elise

    As long the kids have a broad attitude to show respect towards their family and to others, I don’t see a problem. Being censored until later age won’t make a difference because anywhere and everywhere you go, there WILL be drama, domestic violence, bullying and unfairness. All the parents could do is teach with a strong heart, an open eye-to-eye conversation. But you can block Rated-R, but the PG’s is nothing especially when they hit to age 12.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe when they get older. At a young age, that isn’t really an appropriate show to watch. My dad was like that with me. I couldn’t watch those types of shows until I was in highschool. Everything had to be cartoons or educational. He just didn’t want me to copy what I saw.

  • x

    I think it’s a good decision. The children may be too easily influenced at such a young age. But once they are older they may understand life a bit more and be able to enjoy those shows just for entertainment and not to take seriously. Then again how will they ever learn if they are never exposed to it?.. hmm