Will the New Tattooed Barbie Doll Turn Little gURLs into Tattooed Floozies?

Um, we'd kind of rock this look ourselves...

It seems like Barbie dolls just can’t win. Remember when they were blonde and had bodies with completely not humanly possible proportions, and under fire for sending a negative message to gURLs about body image? Well now the new tokidoki Barbie, which couldn’t be more different from Malibu Barbie, is being slammed by parents for being a bad influence on young gURLs.

The new tokidoki doll (which is sold out through November, by the way) is more of a collector’s item than a toy that’s meant to be played with. But some parents are freaking out about her more alternative look, which includes bright pink hair, leopard-print leggings, and huge neck and arm tattoos.

One parent wrote on the site Twix: “Encouraging children that tattoos are cool is wrong, wrong, wrong. Mattel why not put a cigarette and a beer bottle in her hand while you’re at it!”

We happen to think the protesting is a little ridiculous — With Barbie’s track record of body image issues and the controversy over the Barbie that said “Math class is tough!”, a couple of tats is the least of Barbie’s offenses. We love that this doll is sporting a more unique look… and shouldn’t individuality be encouraged in young gURLs?

WDYT, gURLs? Would you buy this Barbie doll? Do you think the parents that are against it are just way too strict? Are you into tattoos for yourself? Discuss in the comments!

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  • Jenny

    I. Don’t play or do any thing with barbies. I honestly do not like them but. I WANT ONE!!!!!

  • ForbinnedReader

    i feel bad for Barbie first she’s not a right role model to idk what there said she was now she has a alternative sis…. i say let barbie be barbie. my little girl ( in the futrue) can play with all the barbies she wants as long as she holds her own and looks cute while doing it. and rocks a sleeve while doing it…..then i say COOL!!!! barbie make more unique babies like this please but i still love the classic ! 😀

  • Gina

    What do I think…? I WANT ONE.

  • Alyssa

    Honestly… I think that Barbie looks very cool… A little too girly for me, but still pretty. However, I am kind of mixed about this. Young girls are very impressionable, and this could lead them to things in their teenage life that they may regret; I can see how a parent can get worried about it. But it is just a doll.

  • ALTbb

    Dude what the hell are they worried about..? Them asking for a tattoo…? It’s called sticker machein tattoos they come off in like a day. Plus if a KID walked into a tattoo shop and was all 1 tattoo please the people wouldn’t just let them get one… A kid not a nun k people?! And smoking/drinking shouldn’t be associated with tattoos so relax parents…