Should Rihanna Be Telling Off gURLs On Twitter?

Should Rihanna stop cursing on Twitter?

Most celebrities take criticism from fans, haters, and the media sitting down. Sure, sometimes there’s a press release response or maybe even a mildly defensive tweet, but more times than not, celebs are just plain old silent. However, some celebs are using social media to deal with public slams in a much more direct way and Rihanna is definitely one of them. presented a list of Rihanna’s most outrageous Twitter comebacks and we were surprised at just how fierce the singer’s digital bark was and we kind of dig it…well, some of it at least. Several of the comebacks listed crossed the line, for sure. Nasty name calling and bullying back is no way to deal with an online hater, but that’s not all of what she does. Sometimes she just puts these Twitter haters in their place in a way that feels right to us.

When one user tweeted, “ummm…@Rihanna u do know ur boobs r hanging out in like all of ur videos…right? #JustCheckin…,” Rihanna responded with: “ur welcome.” We love the way she confronted that without being confrontational.

Another hater tweeted, “So @Rihanna is giving out lap dances at her concert now what a f***ing whore.” The same day, Rihanna tweeted back, “lol, u could atleast find a more clever way of callin me something I already call myself! #HONAVY.” Way to address it and move on, Rihanna.

Not all of her comebacks were respectful responses though. One user said: “Wow, as I look through @Rihanna’s TL. I realise how unclassy she actually is. I see a lot of ‘c**** & f***. #NotCool #NotAttractive” Rihanna tweeted back to her, “F*** u C***!!!! #unclassyNavy.”

WDYT, gURLs? Are all of these comebacks crossing the line? Some of them? None? What would you do in her Twitter shoes? Discuss below. 

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  • Xena

    I think Rihanna is being really immature to even respond to these people, i mean she knew that becoming a celebrity would also come with haters and i think the adult thing to do would be to just ignore these people because the only reason they are making those comments is to get a response from Rihanna. I have lost a lot of respect for Rihanna over the years and i wish people would see that Rihanna doesnt deserve to even have fans since obviously she doesnt care about anyone but herself.

    • Victor

      White People ? Well that’s pretty rsicat. Its sad that if she were a white person aiming that comment at a black person all hell would break lose, but, of course, that would not happen because white people are too afraid to even call black people black and not African Americans . ok Rihanna doesnt want to be a role model, so what, its not like she would even be a good one. But she could at least at like a nice person or act like she even cares about her fans at all. After all, she wouldnt even have a job if people didnt listen to her shitty music . I know one thing is for sure, I definitely WONT be listening to any more of Rihanna’ so-called music .

  • Nyctimene

    I would expect more from ANY adult woman. She’s 23, not 16. This is such silly high school drama. Most mature adults just ignore things like that. If it really bothers you that much delete the commend. But frankly any sort of response in my view is not classy.

  • Macy(kutiepie2nyc)

    Rihanna must have meen pissed! I don’t blame her, it’s hollywood.

  • ElizabethIrene

    The third/last comeback was my favorite! Too Funny! LMAO!

  • Anonymous

    Gurls gotta do what a gurls gotta do!
    Once you’ve judged someone by offering your UNSOLICITED OPINIONS, you better be prepared for the comback.

    • Julie Kraut

      Some of these haters are so nasty, they probably shouldn’t be surprised by getting something nasty back.

  • Lilly

    Way to go Rihanna! 🙂