Should You Make A Move On Your Crush?

Crushes. They’re fun and exciting… and gut wrenchingly annoying, right? Is anything more uncomfortable than the awkwardfest of not knowing how to act around your crush because you don’t know if he or she likes you back? We really can’t think of much. So, why not put yourself out of your awkward misery (and maybe even start a little romance!) by making the first move and finding out exactly how your guy or gURL feels about you? We know taking that first step is easier said than done. So, if you’re not sure if it’s the right time to make the first move, take this quiz. It’ll help you figure out if you should take the plunge or move on to a new crush.

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  • mekhia

    i like him but i dont know if he likes me he,s always starting the conversation help.

    • nickiy

      If he likes you truely he’ll speak up

    • JKremy

      Just say “I like you” if anything he’ll be put on the spot to reply. Trust me just think about a response to carry a conversation if somebody told you that. Stuff that is inviting of a response but not too demanding or forward, like “want to hang out”, “can we talk more?” etc.. If it’s an intimate matter don’t assume people are judging you (negatively) because they likely are not nor will think less of you even if they reject any advance because of being gay, having another girlfriend or eying somebody else.

      Remember they have pressures to whether they initiate or respond. Fortunately you have somebody you know and are talking to you like, pretty hard or vastly uphill to somebody relative new to you or definitely somewhat a stranger, ha.

      I don’t think expecting guys to initiate as some imply much is a fair expectation, not all guys are better conversationalists than girls and it is somewhat a sexist traditionalist view. Women are no longer stuck or expected to being specific roles as they once were, that liberty comes with responsibility.

      Trust me, something I wished I’d knew in my high school days. If I went back with my knowledge know I’d be a smooth talker. It’s harder after school because you aren’t with such people 5 days a week in an environment perfect for a social life. Work, distractions, expectations, planning and a lack of that environment where you get to know people as easily makes it harder.

  • Pearce