Should You Take Back A Cheater?

Cheating sucks. But is it always a total deal-breaker for a relationship? Some gURLs are willing to forgive a sweetie who cheats on them, while others immediately kick ’em to the curb. But the decision usually isn’t so easy to make. So when it comes to a cheater, how do you know if you should forgive and forget or get rid of them forever? Well, for starters, you can take this quiz. We have a feeling it’ll help you make the right decision.

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  • JKremy

    Honesty and care is important and you also have to weigh in how important having sex with another person is. As humans, we’d like to think ourselves to be rational like some robot, but we aren’t we have vices and give into impulses. I have never cheated, but it’s not hard to understand the WHY.

    If they are deceitful or arrogant about it, probably there is another issue to be solved or you should not be with them. Also an interest could be fading or they aren’t willing to fulfill an expected commitment.

    You have to factor these things into your decision. As I said an impulsive person when it comes to sex and so on, is likely to do it again. If that is important to you, (and really think about it) then don’t be with them. Some people have what are called “open relationships”, where they aren’t bound to one another but are close intimate friends.

    People expect to much out of having a specific relationship, but people really need to think what they WANT, not what society has told them to or deems “appropriate”.

  • Heaven

    i used to think “once a cheater, always a cheater” but after thinking it, ive cheated too, and i changed, so i think a guy can too. but if it happens repeatedly with multiple girls, then you should expect that he/she will probably cheat on you too..

  • ci-ci09

    Ok im sorry but when say “if they did it once, then they’ll do it again” isnt always true. I cheated once b/c my relationship was horrible and i made a mistake i wouldnt do it again. I feel as though most the people that say that quote have been cheated, well i’ve been on both sides and people can change.

  • Anonymous

    If he/she cheated once then they will do it again . They can’t help it .

  • sylvii

    Once a player always a player<<Remember that!