25 Scary Things To Do This Halloween


Halloween is the one time of year when you can dress up however you want, scare yourself silly (everyone likes being scared once in a while) and just generally experience really creepy things, so we think it’s officially our favorite holiday of the year.

Get ready to make the most of this October 31 by making a visit to some of these creepy haunted attractions or activities. Check ’em out and let us know — what are your favorite Halloween traditions?

Haunted Houses

No matter how creepy it is, getting scared in a haunted house is always fun, especially when you go with your gURLs. Check out this haunted houses guide to find some seriously spooky ones in your area.

Haunted Hayrides

Haunted hayrides are a little bit more interactive and fun than your typical haunted house. You can find hayrides anywhere, but if you're in New York, you should check out the Headless Horseman in Ulster Park. It's been named one of the scariest hayrides in the country. And if you're in California, the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride offers a hayride, a huge corn maze and even a human slideshow.

Apple Picking

One of the best things about fall is the yummy apples that are in season. And if you enjoy eating apples, you'll definitely enjoy apple picking. Think about the possibilities: fresh apple cider, apple pie, apple crumb cake...our mouths are watering.

ABC Family's 13 Nights of Halloween

Every year, ABC Family plays 13 nights of Halloween movies, and every year it's equally amazing. Okay, so maybe not all of the movies are scream-out-loud scary, but Halloween kind of wouldn't be complete without them. Check out the whole line-up here, which includes Hocus Pocus, Casper and more creepy classics.

Blackout Haunted House

Location: New York, NY

If you're in the New York City area and you love to get really, really scared, then this is the perfect haunted house for you. Blackout NYC features some truly terrifying and disturbing scenes (So much so that it's actually only open to gURLs 18+, plus you gotta sign a waiver). Oh, and one more thing: you have to walk through it alone.


Location: Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is huge on Halloween, and every year, the city transforms itself into Chicagoween. There are tons of fun events that go on, like Daley Plaza turning into Franken Plaza for three days.

Busch Gardens and Sea World's Howl-O-Scream

Locations: Busch Gardens is in Williamsburg, Virginia and Tampa, Florida; Sea World is in San Antonio, Texas

The Busch Garden and Sea World parks turn into total Halloween theme parks for the annual Howl-O-Scream. The parks feature haunted houses, and creepy rides, shows and attractions.

Halloween Crafts

If Halloween's got you feeling artsy, Disney's Family Fun site is the place -- the site has tons of easy DIY ideas, like these cute charms. Start crafting for decorations or just for fun.

Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

Locations: Disney World is in Orlando, Florida and Disney Land is in Los Angeles, California

Disney World and Disney Land both celebrate a PG-rated version of Halloween. Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party happens on select nights through October and features a parade, a firework show and more.

Blood Manor Haunted House

Location: New York City

This is one of NYC's most popular haunted houses for a reason -- it's freakin' scary. Blood Manor also has 3D features, so the characters will actually pop out at you.

Fort Worth Ghost Tours

Location: Texas

Haunted houses are scary, yeah, but nothing is as terrifying as going into an area that is actually haunted. The Fort Worth tours will take you through grave yards, haunted houses and deserted areas; but you can find ghost tours all over the country.

Make Your Own Costume

Whether you opt for a funny costume, a skimpy one or a scary one, it's basically a known fact that costumes are the best part of October 31. The easiest (and cheapest) way to have the most unique costume? Make it yourself. CostumeIdeaZone.com has tons of good ideas, or you can just think of your own. Hey, it's Halloween... this is the perfect time to go crazy.

Knott's Scary Farm

Location: Los Angeles area, California

During October nights, Knott's Berry Farm turns into Knott's Scary Farm Haunt, complete with haunted houses, creepy corn mazes and terrifying rides.

NYC Village Halloween Parade

Location: New York City

Every year on Halloween night, downtown New York gets taken over by the Village Halloween Parade. There are huge puppets, tons of awesome costumes, music and dancers... and the best part is, anyone can participate for free.

Ohio Haunted Tours

Location: Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland actually has some pretty creepy places. If you're ready to get totally spooked, check out this guide for some of Ohio's haunted tours. You'll go through creepy castles and parks that feel deserted. The scariest part? These places are supposed to be haunted in real life...

Ouija Board and Seance

If you don't want to spend any money but still want to scare yourself, invite some friends over and break out the Ouija board. Even if it seems silly at first, you know this game is actually seriously scary. If you really want to connect with some spirits, light a few candles and hold a seance... maybe even in a deserted graveyard near your house.

Terror Behind The Walls

Location:: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia's Terror Behind the Walls is an abandoned prison, and it's a hugely popular attraction during the fall. Why? Because it's terrifyingly awesome.

Pumpkin Picking

You only have a few weeks to go pumpkin picking, so grab your gURLs and set aside a date to do it. There are farms all over and we guarantee it'll put a smile on your face to come home with a big, orange pumpkin of your own.

Pumpkin Carving

Once you've found the perfect pumpkin, you need to start decorating. Get creative and make your pumpkin as unique as possible with ideas from The Pumpkin Lady. The wackier, the better!

Halloween Recipes

Whether you're having a party or just staying in, make some of these fun Halloween-themed recipes from The Food Network. Some of them are so cool looking, we might have a problem actually eating them...

Ripleys Believe It or Not Slumber Fest

Location:New York City

Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum is already wacky and a little creepy enough to begin with, so add Halloween into the mix, and you're definitely going to have a good time. This year, on the Saturday before Halloween, take part in the Slumber Fest, which includes a midnight scavenger hunt, trick-or-treating, a costume contest, crazy performances and haunted houses.

Classic Scary Movies

These old scary movies don't need all of the hi-tech special effects that are in horror movies today to be totally terrifying. Stay in one night and catch up on some classics (we have a feeling your parents would love to be involved). Some titles to get you started: The Amityville Horror, The Exorcist, Friday the 13th, Poltergist, Nightmare On Elm Street, The Shining, Halloween, Carrie and Rosemary's Baby.

Six Flags Fright Fest

Location:New Jersey, Chicago, California, Texas, Missouri Georgia, Washington D.C., Massachusetts, Lake George in New York

Fright Fest is a must. At night, the parks are transformed into Halloween themed parks, with lots of entertainment, rides, mazes and more.

Terror On The Fox

Location:Green Bay, Wisconsin

Terror On The Fox is a huge 3D haunted house that is guaranteed to be terrifying. You'll take a ride through the house in an old train -- definitely creepier than just walking through one.

Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights

Location: Orlando, Florida or Los Angeles, California

Every weekend, Universal Studios does Halloween Horror Nights that include special shows, rides, and scare zones. You'll find zombies, creepy clowns, and even the masked killer from the Scream movies.

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