MTV’s New Show, Chelsea Settles, Is Its Most Inspiring One Yet. Will You Watch?

Have you ever been or felt overweight?

MTV is no stranger to controversial reality TV shows (um, hello Teen Mom), and their latest show is no exception. Chelsea Settles follows a young gURL named Chelsea as she’s trying to live out her dream of being in the fashion industry. The controversial part? She weighs 324 pounds.

The show follows Chelsea as she moves from her small hometown to Los Angeles to pursue her career. It might sound a little bit like The Hills, but Chelsea’s story is a little bit more difficult, and a lot more inspirational. The show also focuses on her attempt to lose weight and get healthier, and that’s one reality star whose cause we are totally behind.

Check out this preview to see what you can expect from the show:

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Chelsea Settles premieres tonight at 11pm EST on MTV.

WDYT, gURLs? Are you going to watch this show? Are you glad MTV is making a reality show about someone overweight? Have you ever struggled with your own weight? Discuss in the comments.

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