Nicki Minaj Once Thought About Committing Suicide. Can You Relate?

Are you surprised she once thought about suicide?

When you think of funky and unique rapper Nicki Minaj, depression and suicide are probably not the first things to come to mind. But apparently Nicki’s future wasn’t always so bright — in the November 2011 issue of Cosmopolitan, she opens about how she once contemplated ending her life.

Before Nicki made it big, her disappointing career was making her seriously depressed. She said, “I kept having doors slammed in my face. I felt like nothing was working. I had moved out on my own, and here I was thinking I’d have to go home.”

She added, “It was just one dead end after another. At one point, I was like, ‘What would happen if I just didn’t wake up?’ That’s how I felt. Like, ‘Maybe I should just take my life?'”

WDYT, gURLs? Have you ever thought about committing suicide? Have you ever been, or are you, seriously depressed? Can you relate to Nicki’s fear of failure? Discuss in the comments.

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  • Jasper

    well im torn because it does look like nikki would look like that if she didnt have the pitaslc fixing on her face. and she does sound like that alot. I was just on youtube looking at this and i was just wondering like wow people are really trying to basically hate on her . like okay if she a lesbian let her be a lesbian yous sound like crazy exgirlfriends come on. Same with lady gaga and her rumor , if she wanted a sex change which we dont know yet so i dont know why epople are jumping to conclusions let her have a sex change you know ?

  • bearjack1

    I am losing control of myself and the pressure is getting to me. I am so stressed about school, and friends, and family. I am too scared to say anything to anyone though.

  • Camryne

    OMG, Nicki Minaj of all people? WOWW.

  • Cinderellafan8

    I have and still do its incredibly hard it’s a really long story but I can say that I am depressed

  • Mallory

    I can relate. I was depressed since 8th grade, and my parents didn’t even clue into it until this year (I’m in my second year of college). Even now, they aren’t really interested. They wanted to get me tested but when the tests came back to say there were no hormonal imbalances, they just lost interest again.

    But the thing is, you aren’t the only one out there. If you think you’ll feel better by talking with someone, talk to the leader of your church, temple, etc. Or talk to a teacher you feel close to. Someone you feel comfortable with.

    If you don’t feel comfortable talking about it, try writing down how you feel. Make a list of what’s making you sad, make a list of what’s good in your life. If you’re thinking of killing yourself, try and do something that distracts you.

    Finally, if that doesn’t work, tell your parents you want to try seeing a psychologist, or try going to the hospital. There are people there that can help you no matter where your mindset is at.

    It’s tough. I’ve battled it for six years now and though it can get better untreated, I took huge leaps forward since I reached out to more than just my parents for help.

  • Dakota

    I can REALLY relate. I have really bad depression. I cry myself to sleep almost everynight, and I can hardly get myself to do anything anymore. It just always seems like my world is falling apart. I told my mom once but I don’t think she cares, she’s too concerned out her own problems..

    • April

      i am really sorry to hear that. no one especially your mom should be acting like she has no time for you.

  • danielle

    I have thinking about killing my self cause i messed up my life i had kids at a young age and now i just want to stab myself

    • emilyH.

      but you have your child. and no matter what i bet that child means everything to you and you wouldn’t want to leave it alone in this world. anytime you get depressed, just think about your baby and how much it pains you to live with out him\her.peace&love!

    • April

      DON”T SAY THAT!!! you’re a beautiful person.:)

      • leleisnice

        i have always felt like that, but once my friends told me not to and some reasons why and i think twice, heres my story:

        so i was in foster care for years at a time, and my sisters were taken away from me. all i have is my bro, nut he is is a nother continent right now. he is in africa. i have always told him how much i love him and i want him to to come home. that i cant live without him. and id rather die. but this summer my god sister wanted to go suicide and that made me think twice about my decision. but my life is tough, and by friends make the best out if it