Exclusive Interview: Jersey Shore’s Vinny Gives Advice On Dealing With Bullies

Vinny gives us some serious advice about bullies.

You probably wouldn’t expect a Jersey Shore star to give anyone advice about bullying — after all, they’re most known for tanning, going to the gym and getting drunk. But when Teen.com met up with Vinny Guadagnino at the screening of the MTV movie DISconnected, they saw a whole other side to the fist-pumping reality star.

Check out this exclusive interview with Vinny, where he talks about how he got involved with anti-bullying projects, his advice on dealing with bullies, and his take on why bullies get so mean in the first place.

Then be sure to tune into DISconnected, on MTV tonight at 9pm EST — it’s a must-watch movie about the serious effects of cyber-bullying.

WDYT, gURLs? Do you think Vinny gives good advice about bullying? Have you ever been cyber bullied? Are you going to tune into DISConnected? Discuss below.


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