I’m Being Bullied At School. What Should I Do?

Don't let bullies get you down.

Dear Heather,

I have been bullied a lot lately. I have started to receive threats and I’m scared to go to school. I have told my parents and principal, but nothing has helped. It has only gotten worse. Help!

I’m so sorry to hear you’re being bullied. There’s never an excuse for bullying, and it’s a serious issue that shouldn’t be taken lightly. No one deserves to be treated badly no matter what, but unfortunately, many people are anyway. Keep in mind that you are not alone in this situation (even celebrities like Demi Lovato deal with bullying), and there are lots of people you can talk to about it.

Keep telling your principal about what is going on. If he/she doesn’t do anything, find a teacher you trust, or go to a guidance counselor. It is part of your school’s job to protect you, so keep them updated so they can help you. Also, keep telling your parents. Be honest and let them know how much this is affecting you. Find a friend you have a good time with and feel comfortable talking to, and stick by their side. He/she can do their best to protect you, too.

In order for you to get through this (because it won’t last forever, I promise), you need to always remember that you are a truly awesome gURL. Believe in yourself and surround yourself with people who are there for you. It’s hard, yes, but ignore what the bullies are saying to you and continue to be yourself. The truth is, they’re probably only picking on you because they’re insecure themselves.

WDYT, gURLs? Have you ever been bullied? How did you get through it? What are your thoughts on bullying?  Give us your advice and discuss below.

take care,


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  • Julianna Smith

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  • nikkicole003

    i’ve been bullied a lot.. because i’m bigger boned.. well i’m fat i guess people call me, it really hurts your feelings and makes ur self esstem get lowered.. i had my parents. they help me through everything, they talked to me, and they helped me. <3 i love them so much!

  • anna

    i was bullied for 2 years in year 3 and 6 and i had nothing done about it to
    i was told of by the teachers when i tried to do it back to them and i got so annoyed with the bullies i got into a huge fight and from then onwards i decided to rebel agent the system of schooling and in the end i had to leave that school and went a great school and now im happy

    dont follow in my foot steps
    just ignore the bullies
    it’s your best defence
    good luck

  • Mirna_9452

    Or course i been bullied!! Everyone went through that moment especially you * Heather! You could NEVER WRITE THAT YOU NEVER BEEN BULLIED YOUR WHOLE LIFE!!
    This world is full of insecuredity! It time that the future comes and this must end NOW!! Why can’t there be a program or corporaration that not just tells you that they will help the ones in needs,but actually take action!! It time for a new era for a safer and more comfortable world for all to not be ashame for who they are!
    It’s an INVISIBLE WAR!