Rihanna Has No Interest In Being A Role Model

Do you look up to Rihanna?

There are some celebs who really want to be seen as a role model for young gURLs (we’re looking at you, Demi), and there are other celebs who really just don’t care. Rihanna is one of those stars, and in her recent interview with Vogue she explains why she doesn’t want to be looked up to.

RiRi says, “See, people – especially white people – they want me to be a role model just because of the life I lead. The things I say in my songs, they expect it of me and being a role model became more of my job than I want it to be. But no, I just want to make music. That’s it.”

WDYT, gURLs? Have you ever considered Rihanna a role model? Do you think that as a popular singer, she should at least try to be one for younger gURLs who look up to her?What’d you think of her jab at “white people?” Discuss below!

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  • LalaVaughn

    I honestly think, RiRi has really jumped out of the window on this one, because alot of young girls look up too her as a role model because for one she’s pretty and she started off young in the business. And after the beating people actually starting caring and feeling sorry for her and i think since the media and taabloids are off her ass she is getting almost angry and trying to hold the i dont give a care in the world image so she can try too look bad and make people pay attention to her by people i mean Chris. But i honsetly think she needs too stop beause thats not cute, at all. And either way i wouldnt want my daughter too look up too her at all because she is a whore. but she really needs too chill and keep her negative comments too herself

  • Xena

    “White People”? Well that’s pretty racist. Its sad that if she were a white person aiming that comment at a black person all hell would break lose, but, of course, that would not happen because white people are too afraid to even call black people “black” and not “African Americans”. ok Rihanna doesnt want to be a role model, so what, its not like she would even be a good one. But she could at least at like a nice person or act like she even cares about her fans at all. After all, she wouldnt even have a job if people didnt listen to her shitty “music”. I know one thing is for sure, I definitely WONT be listening to any more of Rihanna’ so-called “music”.

    • Danay

      I agree with everything you said except for the part about Rihanna being racist for saying more white people wanting her to be a role model. Its not racist. How can anybody be offended by that? She didnt say anything derogatory about white people. She basically just said they tend to care more about her image. I think you just want a reason for her to be racist, just so you can get up on your soapbox and make a whole big speech about races.

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  • Sammi

    She’s one of the worst role model for girls, right up there with Miley Cyrus, Any Jersey Shore member, or any teenager on Teen Mom or 16 And Pregnant. It’s good she doesn’t want to be a role model. Those who think she’d be a good role model, have you HEARD the lyrics for S&M?!?!!? She’s a terrible role model and singer.

  • ElizabethIrene

    Yeah, that was pretty racist to say, but I guess thats how she is as a person. I agree with everything else she says except for the “escpecially white people” opinion. I believe because she is known by so many listeners and viewers in the media, she will become a role model regardless.

    I can give 300 names right now that wants to be, act, look, and sing like her. Whether she likes it or not, she is an influence. So, how she carries herself, will affect other people because they all watch this.

    It may be just music to her, but to everyone else, its media, gossip, interest, and attractiveness. Thats how people stay up to date with celebrities…

  • Bonny

    Shes stupid nuff said

  • hope

    she never has been a ” role model ” if she is every person who listens to her songs would be walking around naked and her white people joke is irritating a “white ” person cant say black and not get shit about it but a black person can white white all they want and get away with it its so rasist and wrong its horrible and i never ever want her to be my role model she is a nassty bitch who only cares about her self

  • stAr

    i understand her wanting to be vocal and address the issue but she didn’t have to add the white part. i’m not white but i don’t like it when people always point to one race. every race has its flaws and I’m sure there are many black people that would want her to be a role model for the black community too. i like rihanna and this comment wasn’t a smart one but i will let it go. she has the right to voice her own opinion, even if people are not gonna agree with her. i’m just saying the white part was unnecessary and rude.

  • Pumkin

    i seriously don’t like Rihanna as a person. I think she has one of the nastiest attitudes in the music industry. How in the world does she not expect to be viewed as a role model when she is in the media? I think what she wanted to say was that she is a slut and she wants to continue to do what the hell she wants, so therefore don’t judge her.

  • Audrey

    I’m tired of famous black musicians (Rihanna and Lil Wayne) making comments about white people, I mean all it does is make them look ignorant.

    • Danay

      and it makes you look ignorant when you dont take into consideration that all races have things to say about other races. dont just say “Im tired of black people doing such and such to white people” as if thats all black people do all day, find ways to get mad at white people.

  • Leslie

    Well..one,she was racist with her comment. Not a role model. She talks a lot of crap in just one song too. Nobody wants to listen how and why and what you enjoy about having sex. Coming from an 11 year old in 6th grade 🙂

  • ashley

    Whether she likes it or not she is a role model but i dont think we should expect popstars to be or want to be role models. Being a role model isnt their job, making music is

  • Ro’Landa

    heck no! ive never ever lookd at her to be a role model because the things she does are just nasty! she’s a nasty person and shee worships the devil, yes it soundsweird but she definantly does.

  • C

    Weather or not Rihanna wants to be a role model or not, she is going to be seen as one. Girls look up to her and she knows that, so I think she should at least make an effort to be a good person. I also thing that her blunt jab at “white people” is extremely racist. But I will say, I am white, and I do think she should act as a role model. But just because I am white and want her to act as a role model, doesn’t make my opinion wrong.

  • Claire

    I think it’s ridiculous to regard pop stars as role models. Rihanna has developed her own style and a unique reputation for herself. We must remember that what she does is still to sell records, and she is in no way obligated to be the one people look up to, and frankly, she has done nothing to deserve that tag. Being in the eye of the public doesn’t automatically make you perfect, or likeable as a person, and being a public figure shouldn’t limit how she lives. Her sole demographic is not preteens and teenagers, and she doesn’t have to cater for them. If you think that she is a bad role-model, then just don’t take any notice of what she does. Contrary to popular belief, it’s quite easy.

    • Danay

      THANK YOU!

  • Tiffany

    Even if she doesn’t want to be one, she is. She can’t just make music and that’s it, because part of making music is having people listen and become influenced by you. She made the choice of becoming a role model when she decided to become famous for singing, and she needs to stop pretending she isn’t and take into consideration the message young girls get from her music.

  • skittles

    She is certainly not a role model she wears necklace saying c*nt everywhere.At least she’s upfront about it not like miley cyrus.