Although some of the physical and emotional changes are the same for gURLs and guys, there are a lot of differences also. The major difference is that gURLs begin puberty at a younger age than guys do. You’ve probably heard that gURLs grow up faster than guys, and it’s kind of true. As teens, gURLs are generally more mature than boys their same age. gURLs complete puberty by ay ages 15-17, while guys are typically done with it by ages 16-18.

gURLs also grow taller before boys start to. It’s not uncommon to see young gURLs taller than most of the boys in their classes. As the years go on, though, boys will normally shoot up to be taller than the gURLs.

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  • Jaidyn

    I started puberty at 8 that is the youngest age to start puberty but I am in stage 3

  • Elijah

    MY girlfriend has had these breast pains and she was wondering if it was normal for it to happen because it has been going on for a solid two weeks
    so can you please help her
    thank you