We know you have an idea of what’s going on in your body, but you probably don’t really know how a guy feels during puberty. Check out what happens to guys while they’re growing and you might understand dudes a little bit better.

  • They go through testicular enlargement, which is the first stage of puberty for a guy. After a boy’s testicles get larger, their penis starts to grow and get bigger also.
  • Guys also start to grow pubic hair in stages.
  • They start to grow body hair all over the place: underarm hair, perianal hair, upper lip hair, sideburn hair, and a beard. Arm, leg, abdominal and back hair starts to get thicker. Facial hair becomes present later in adolescence — some guys don’t see it for up to 10 years after puberty.
  • A guy’s voice changes during puberty, which is pretty common knowledge. Boys usually get embarrassed when their voices start cracking, but it’s just their voice box growing and developing.
  • By the end of puberty, men have heavier bones and nearly twice as much skeletal muscle as they did before.
  • Guys also start to sweat more and have a different body odor.
  • They also start to develop more acne.

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  • Jaidyn

    I started puberty at 8 that is the youngest age to start puberty but I am in stage 3

  • Elijah

    MY girlfriend has had these breast pains and she was wondering if it was normal for it to happen because it has been going on for a solid two weeks
    so can you please help her
    thank you