There are not many things you have to go through in life that are as confusing or emotionally difficult as puberty. Not only are all of these crazy and weird things going on with your body, but you’re even thinking and feeling differently than before. Puberty isn’t always fun, and it’s even less fun when you have no idea what the heck is going on with your bod.

Whether you went through puberty years ago, haven’t even really thought about it yet, or are going through it right this minute, it’s important to understand what exactly changed/is changing in your body. Check out these facts about what exactly is going on, why there’s hair growing down there, and even how a guy’s body is changing. We’re pretty sure you’ll find answers to tons of your questions right here.

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  • Jaidyn

    I started puberty at 8 that is the youngest age to start puberty but I am in stage 3

  • Elijah

    MY girlfriend has had these breast pains and she was wondering if it was normal for it to happen because it has been going on for a solid two weeks
    so can you please help her
    thank you