Southwest Airlines Kicks a Lesbian Couple Off Their Plane For… Kissing?

Are you as disgusted with Southwest Airlines as we are?

Apparently actress Leisha Hailey, from The L Word, and her gURLfriend were getting a little too close for Southwest Airline’s comfort — they were escorted off of a plane on Tuesday for kissing.  Shocked? So is Leisha, who is now calling for a boycott of Southwest Airlines for what she calls an “act of discrimination.”

After several passengers complained about the couple’s smooch, they got into an argument with a flight attendant. Leisha tweeted about the incident, saying, “Since when is showing affection towards someone you love illegal? I want to know what Southwest Airlines considers as family.”

Southwest Airlines has apologized, but they’re still defending themselves — meaning they probably don’t think they did the right thing.  Lots of people are outraged, including Kelly Osbourne, who tweeted,

“Dear @SouthwestAir ur archaic thinking makes me sick! ur discrimination towards ur passengers is deplorable! i will NEVER fly southwest!”

WDYT, gURLs? Was this an act of discrimination? Or do you think the airline did the right thing? Should a lesbian or gay couple be able to show affection in public? Discuss in the comments.

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  • dsprat

    well honestly it does go against people’s beliefs, and religions. especially Christianity. but the airline didn’t have to KICK THEM OFF. i mean dang, i think that it’s drastic, and discriminating against same sex couples. it’s sad to think that there are couples who can’t get married, adopt children, or even walk down the street just because the person they are in love with is the same sex. god loves us for who we are, he does not make mistakes, so therefore we are all created this way for some reason, let the woman who is in love with her best friend be in love with her best friend. let the man who likes his brother’s lab partner like his brother’s lab partner!

  • gee sleek

    They should be free

  • Erica

    Whether or not you believe PDA is acceptable or not, everyone knows it happens…. everyday. Yes? Whether it’s a straight couple or a gay couple, why should we care? Are we not humans? Are we all robots? What ever happened to living in a democracy…. with freedom of expression? Whether you believe in it or not, why can’t people just learn how to mind their own business? If seeing a straight or gay couple holding hands or kissing offends you, turn around and walk away…. right? You’re not forced by a gun to your head to stand there and stare….. Are you?
    Leave it alone people!!! We all have a right to love.

  • kristine

    to cookie98, i didnt mean to start a fight on here and im sorry to anyone i offended. i just have my own opinion and i voiced it just like you did.didnt mean any harm.

  • kristine

    a gay or straight couple kissing on an airplane is innapropriate.they should have thought twice before kissing in public instead of shoving their wrong beliefs down peoples throats.straight people have the right to be offended just as gay people have the right to be offended about pda.southwest should not have to apologize for being christians

    • delaney

      Just as you are entitled to live your life according to your beliefs, so is the rest of the world- whether you consider them to be wrong, unchristian or whatever. I have two problems with your comment:
      “Should not have to apologize for being Christian.” Many Christians are either gay or in support of gay rights and don’t believe that equality for all the types of love in the world conflicts with their religion. Saying that all Christians would be shocked/offended at gay PDA is a gross stereotype and completely untrue.
      “Shoving their wrong beliefs down people’s throats.” You know…in my mind, the only beliefs that are wrong are ones that harm other people. How does two (consenting adults!) people sharing love harm anyone? In my opinion, no belief is “wrong” unless it is oppressive or harmful. And your comment seems to be very hurtful to those who are either part of or supportive of the LGBT community. To say nothing of how much you seem to be shoving your beliefs down other’s throats. Here’s my advice to you: you can keep whatever beliefs you want and keep your religion, but don’t use it as a weapon to hurt, condemn, and judge other people. As someone who was actually religious, it would seem to me that you would be aware that only a higher power has the right to judge, and the truly spiritual thing to do would be to try to increase the amount of love in the world and not destroy it.

      • kristine

        wow delaney whoever you are- dont judge me by saying i dont know me and im entitled to my opinion just as you are whether its right or wrong.btw i am right and am not willing to say otherwise.also,i didnt say all christians should be offended-thats their business.last time i checked this was a website that people could voice their opinions on and so i did-if you have a problem with that, then i really dont care.and thats my right advice to you.thank god i dont know you

        • Cookie98

          They should have apologized for it. And if they were true Christians then they wouldn’t have judged in the first place since the bible clearly says that the humans are not suppose to judge one another; that it is only God’s place to do so. I mean no offence by this but it is very offending to read this that says “thought twice before kissing in public instead of shoving their wrong beliefs down peoples throats.” Who is to say what is right and what is wrong? What if we’ve all just got it completely wrong and homosexuality is right and heterosexuality is wrong?
          Don’t judge others unless you want to be judged as well. Not cool at all. And no, straights don’t have the right to be offended. They have so many more rights than we do. They can get married and have a family without being judged for it. Whats so wrong with showing that you love someone? NOTHING! If a man had kissed his girlfriend that flight attendant would have probably found it cute and funny. Not had the escorted off the plane for it.

  • Missy

    honestly that was uneccesary i mean they are humans too and everyone kisses and all that. jst becuz they like a different gender and want to show affection doesn’t mean you kick them off the plane -.- everyone wants to show affection to their loved ones it’s jst natural

  • Katie

    I’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating. If it’s okay for a straight couple to do it, it should be okay for a gay couple. If you’re going to ban one, you have to ban the other. Double standards are pretty messed up.

    • Sally

      Who said it was ok for straight couples to display PDA? I’ve seen it unallowed with straight people.

  • Sally

    I’m sorry but I dislike PDA. I don’t have a problem with homosexuals. But I don’t wanna see public kissing from heterosexuals or homosexuals! I mean there could be kids around as well. I’m sure the airlines wouldn’t have kicked them off from only pecking on the cheek. Come on get a room!

    • Katie

      Here’s the thing, though: If it’s okay for a straight couple to do it, it should be okay for a gay couple. I dislike PDA, too, but there shouldn’t be double standards.

      • Sally

        Nobody said it was OK for straight couples to do it. PDA is just uncalled for in my opinion. I rarely see ANY couple like smooching all over the place but when I do, it distrubs me. SAVE IT FOR THE BEDROOM.

  • Isabelle

    i really dislike this air line. last month they also kicked out the singer of Greenday because his pants were too low. I really dis like seeing guys asses, but to actually kick people out because of it… they are pissing me off, and as a lesbian, i wish there wouldn’t be discrimination anymore… i hate walking around and others point at me holding hands with my girlfriend…
    Discrimination sucks, and this airline went too far. Homosexual have all the same rights as Heterosexuals.

  • Julia

    I think the people thinks it outrageous and wrong from the airline, spoke too fast. In 2011 I don’t think airlines would really kick a gay couple out just because they kissed. It probably was intense and inapropriate for a airplane situation. Personally I would be uncomfortable if a homosexual or heterosexual would make out next to me in a plane. At one point you don’t want to feel like you’re invading their privacy because in a airplane it’s not really the place for privacy…

  • stAr

    Honestly PDA is not something I like to see in ANY couple. I’m married and my husband and I will hold hands and do a QUICK pop kiss but that is all. We don’t makeout in front of everyone. We like to keep that for the bedroom. I don’t think they should have been escorted out, I just think that they should have told them to tone it down or stop. In these types of situations MAJORITY wins. Unfortunately, unfair decisions might be made. I’m all for LGTB rights and equality but I don’t want to see ANYONE’s PDA! thats just nasty and it makes people feel uncomfortable.

  • Ashley

    That is so wrong. There is no difference between homosexual and heterosexual couples showing affection for each other. I hope they go out of business because that is horrible

  • Michelle

    If it was something deep and intense, then I understand why it was done. But, if it was just a quick peck or something, then the airline was out of line. They never went into detail of how much PDA it was, so it’s hard to hold a strong opinion towards one or the other.

  • Super72girl

    It really isn’t clear, from what you have written about it, just how intense or prolonged this couples PDA was. It really doesn’t matter whether the couple is straight, gay, or lesbian. At some point PDAs become too much. When it reaches that point, then they should be removed.

  • Kayla

    I don’t like PDA period. heterosexual or homosexual, so I can understand the discomfort if it’s stemming from that reason. If it’s simply from them being lesbians, then no I don’t entirely agree with it.

  • Isis

    I so hope they go out of business. I seriously hate discrimination. I bet if it would of been a heterosexual couple they wouldn’t have thrown them off. This is a disgrace. Where is the freedom!!!!

  • Obono

    Any couple of any combination should be able to show PDA

  • Nicole

    This is a disgrace especially since they pride themselves on being GLBT friendly and the “LUV” airline. This is an example of discrimination & double standards. What I want to know is what they consider “family”. I also want to know who gave them the right to define “family”. Their comebacls are ridicuious as is their reason for approaching them in kicking them off. I for one will never be flying on a Southwest plane.

  • I Eat Bottle Caps

    Woah, that is NOT cool. What is their point. Honestly, if they didn’t like the idea of a lesbian couple, then they shouldn’t don’t do anything. The more you react, obviously the more you think about it. People these days.

  • Jasmine

    That is so wrong to do. That is discrimination. What the different when a man and women kiss? They should get sued.