Anna Kendrick Thinks Actresses Are Treated Differently By The Press Than Actors. WDYT?

Do you think gURL celebs need to be taken more seriously?

Apparently, Anna Kendrick really does not like being asked about her workout and beauty routine by reporters — and can you really blame her? While promoting their new movie 50/50, Anna and her co-stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen talked about how the press treats male and female celebrities differently.

According to Anna, gURL celebs are constantly being asked about their style or what kind of workout routines they do instead of being asked some more serious questions. Even Seth seems to agree with her, saying he’s “shocked” at the questions gURL celebs get asked, while guys are usually only asked about their role in the film.

Watch the video to check out what Anna has to say about it:

WDYT, gURLs? Are female celebrities thought of differently then male celebrities? Do you think Anna makes a good point? Should the media care more about what she’s doing as an actress than how she looks? Discuss below.

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  • rommell

    one does not ask the bird what does she use for her feathers, they only ask what did she use to make her nest or how, if the bird is being bothered she’ll fly away, so it is better to leave things as they are and just ask for what you seen done that caught your eye in the first place!! By the way thats wisdom & no the bird is not anna but although i heard she likes the game angry birds so i use birds while explaining, thank you Rommell leung wing 😀

  • save_ferris

    I think she’s raising a valid argument. And it’s not just actresses, it’s female politicians too.
    A film that has been made recently called Miss Representation (directed by Jennifer Siebel Newsom), and if you watch the trailer for it you’ll see female politicians be asked about whether they’ve had boob jobs, or plastic surgery when the only topic that should be discussed is politics.