Stretch Marks

Have you ever noticed stretch marks on your body… and then totally freaked out about them? There’s no doubt about it, stretch marks can be annoying, frustrating, and sometimes even a little bit embarrassing. But honestly, they shouldn’t be. These little scar-like marks on your skin are totally normal, and can be found on the majority of women and gURLs.

But if you’ve ever wondered what exactly stretch marks are, you’ve come to the right place, because we’ve got all the info on ’em for you. Find out the causes of stretch marks, how you can get rid of them, how you can prevent them in the first place, and lots more.

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  • princess jessica

    i am 14 and i have stretch marks all over me i have them on my arm’s stomach thighs hips backs of my legs and they are getting worse i dont know what to do i am so self-conciouse of them in the summer i stay indoors with jumpers and leggings on because i am ashamed of my body!

  • awkward…..

    i have strech marks on my inner thighs and it sucks……i am also wayyyyyyyy over weight but i love my self any ways…….i think my friend taylor has a giant crush on me

  • Audrey

    Ugh I feel so much better I have stretch marks under my stomach and thighs from weight gain and I have a bunch of them on my boobs I’m 14

  • Hime girl

    I have them on my thighs but I told my mom and that’s the best thing I could’ve done because she understands. Hiding them only makes your life miserable. Your mom knows what to do, go to her. Or any female adult you trust.

  • HelloChanae

    I have them on My Boobs , Butt && inner Thighs . Im 5’6 And 132 Pounds . And im 14 . I Hit My Growth Spurt TOOO Early Lol . But Hey , Im Human And It Happenes , Still Love The Summer Time , I Might Not Be Able To Wear The Super Low Cut Shirts && Shorts SO Short You Can See Your booty . But I Can Wear Fitted Shirts , And Decent Shorts ! && Smexy SwimSuits ! 😉

  • lily


    • Ana

      Hi There. It is true that some people get them worse than otrhes. My niece for instance carried much smaller than my wife, but she got the most terrible stretch marks. I shopped around a little for her, and found a product called Revitol witch worked well for her. I also found a site that gives it as a free trail, so if you want to give it a go for free, check out the link below. Hope this helps. Good luck.


    I have them on my butt & I’m not completely okay w/ them but I still wear bathing suits 🙂

  • Anastasia 17

    I have them on my hips inner thighs and I thinks its from gaining weight and losing weight.. Im so GLAD im not alone, im super embarressed about them, thats what bring my self asteem down, and all these girls with bikinis on dont help. lol Im ot over weight or anything I just have strech marks.. Im glad to have a boyfriend that kisses them to make me feel better when we get “busy”<3

  • BuBbElZ

    I have them on the insides of my thighs, my hips, and my boobs. I’m 5’4″ and 149 lbs i also need to lose 10 pounds to not be overweight

    • HelloChanae

      There Is Nothing Wrong With Your Weight , I Have Strech In the Exact Same Places . Theres Nothing i Can do About So , you Ghotaa Learn To Deal With them . I Bet your Still Gwahh-Geess ! Love The Skin Your In , Flaws In All !

  • Akward.

    I have them on my hips because i hit puberty realy fast im 5’5.5 and 170 i need to loose like 40-50lbs so…

  • Akward.

    I have them on my hips im 5’5.5 and 170 i need to loose like 40-50lbs so…

  • Me

    I have them on my shoulders, lower back and boobs.. and im 5’10 and 135.. ive never been fat… i dont have big boobs either. i guess i stretched out growing up.. i use to be self conscious in middle school.. but i got over it! lol

  • Mica

    i have them on my boobs 🙁 oh well

    • countryluvn25

      so do i…its soo weird and i hate them 😛

  • pris

    I have a stretch mark on my shoulder. Its probably from excersing to much.

  • Claudie

    oh wow! i cant believe cushings is mentioned. not many people have heard of it. I had cushings and my stretch marks are horrible and super deep. i have them everywhere except my face. i tried everything to make them go awaybut they wont go away so im trying to just accept them now.

  • gopal

    hai gopal

  • binky

    I have stretch marks on my knees! haha

    • cindy

      omg me too!