Could I Be Bipolar?

Have you ever felt like this?

Hey Heather,

I’ve been taking all these online tests about being bipolar and they’ve all come back saying that I’ve got it. I’m not sure what to do! I’ve had a few bad things happen to me this week and I’m worried that I’m depressed/have bipolar disorder. What should I do?

I’m really sorry to hear that you’ve been feeling depressed lately. It sucks to feel like everything is going badly and things just keep getting worse. While it’s possible that you could have bipolar disorder, I can’t tell you for sure if you do or not, since I’m not your doctor.

However, I can tell you that those online tests you’ve been taking are really not reliable. Most of the websites that have them are not even run by a legitimate doctor. Bipolar disorder is a serious psychological disorder that only about two to three percent of the population is actually diagnosed with. It’s impossible to know if you have it or not just by going by these tests — you would have to see a doctor and get tested for real.

It’s totally possible that you’re just feeling a little depressed. That happens to people every day, especially teens, and it’s completely normal. But if you feel like something is really wrong, you should talk to your parents or a school counselor and see a psychologist or psychiatrist. They will able to tell you if you have a mental disorder, but just know that serious disorders, like being bipolar, take lots of testing and analysis to diagnose.

Keep things in perspective, and don’t stress about this. Talking to someone you trust could be really helpful right now.

WDYT, gURLs? Have you ever felt like you might be bipolar? Do you have any psychological disorders? What do you do when you’re depressed? Do you go to a psychologist? Give us your advice and discuss below!

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  • Adinay

    Actually, I am bipolar and i know how you feel. Just talk to a doctor or a school counselor, they can help. Also, watch Misery, don’t handle it like Annie does.

  • Katie Kookie

    I honestly think i’m suffering from depression,maybe bipolar.I wont go see or doctor,or tell my mum about it either,i’m scared she wont understand.

  • JJkat0207

    I’m going through the depression thing right now. But for me it was because I saw my crush at the cinema with his mate and two other girls, and he ignored me. That was kind of a trigger for me. Did something happen to make you really depressed? Or is it just something that just happened? Good luck 🙂

  • Aishia

    I went through a similar situation. At the time, I had been snapping at a lot of people, crying a lot more, and acting totally out of character. I took an online assessment on and freaked out when I received results stating that I should probably see a doctor. I called a doctor to ask a couple of questions about how they go about evaluating people and was asked when I had my last menstrual period (I apologize if that’s TMI). Just then I remembered that I was on my cycle that week, and the doctor said that sometimes that plays into mood swings. As a female, I thought I knew that already, but I actually forget just how much my cycle can affect my mood. Perhaps this is adding to your stress level and is causing you to act differently. Good luck!