The Complete Guide To Drugs

Drugs are bad, mmkay?

A drug is a substance — other than food — that, when taken, has some effect on your body and/or your mood. Drugs affect everyone differently and the effects of many drugs can be unpredictable and catch people completely off guard. Many drugs, such as speed and heroin, can have very dangerous effects, even on the first try. It is far too easy to take too much of a drug, which can have seriously bad effects. Over consumption is always a bad idea. Be aware of the effects and risks of every drug and keep in mind that drugs are illegal.

Too many gURLs don’t know important information about drugs. We’ve put together an easy guide to learn more about almost every kind of drug you can think of. So click on to read about the crazy side effects, the scary risks of using them, how addictive each drug can be, and more.

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  • CupcakeMonster

    @Kayla wow…… woooooow……….. I don’t think so.

  • kayla

    marijuana isnt bad, if it was legal and sold in stores i think there would be less drug dealers and criminals