Jersey Shore’s Snooki and Deena Had A Serious Make-Out Session. Would You Ever Kiss Your BFF?

Definition of a meatball mash-up.

gURLs making out with other gURLs is kind of old news. From celeb publicity stunts to reality shows, we’ve pretty much all seen our share of gURL-on-gURL action. But that still didn’t stop us from being a little surprised at seeing BFF’s Snooki and Deena making out on this week’s episode of Jersey Shore.

During the ep, which was appropriately titled ‘Meatball Mash-up’,  Snooki and Deena drank a tad too much and found themselves making out for hours. Even after Deena’s “lesbionic experience” a few episodes before, some of the cast-mates were still totally freaked out.

It got us thinking – have you ever made out with your BFF just for fun? Do your gURLfriends ever kiss each other? Do you think when gURLs drink, they’re more likely to do something like this? Did Snooki and Deena’s kiss weird you out or do you think it’s totally normal? Discuss below!

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  • Makaylah

    Okay so its not a big deal , i dont know if im bi or not but with your bff it dont matter whatever feels comfy with you 🙂

    • Cookiess

      Ikr it fun

  • AlwaysTheSilverDoe

    I think there is a gigantic difference between the way you kiss people. For example, I have a male gay friend, whom I kiss goodbye, on the mouth, just a peck, I do this with all my friends. When ‘just a peck’ becomes making out, I believe it is no longer a friend-to-friend encounter, it is something more… just my opinion though.

  • Macy

    Some else other then my bff. It’s gonna be weird, maybe if the friendship was really great. I guess.

  • Ladyebo

    GAY !

    • Katherine

      I’ve done it before. It’s nothing big tbh.

      • tay…

        i kissed my bff just to make boy like me is that bad? but she was the one that started on me… xo

  • sweet*thinker*

    Ehh I mean I hav mayb 2 best friends i’d consider kissing but 1 in particular would probably b down 4 it.. I believe yu hav 2 really kno how the person is 4 if the relationship would change or not. other than that dont judge becuz experimenting kAn def b fun.. I guess:)

  • Ceci

    Hm interesting. I wouldn’t do it with a best friend unless she wanted to experiment, then yes. It all depends on your relationship with that person. I think 🙂

  • Dani

    I would deffinately do what deena and snooki did! I think it’s normal!

  • Kirah

    I’m all for kissing a friend, even girls. i do that alot. but a bestfriend? I have 2 bestfriends, one lesbian and one bi and i would NEVER cross that line with either of them. it would just make everything ackward.

  • Ayla

    I would get a gurlfriend not use my besties

  • Angela

    I totally would!

  • Phoenix

    i kiss my bestie just for fun. it’s womance.
    however i wouldn’t get in a bed with my bestie and do who knows what with her like snooki and deena did later on in the show.