The Holocaust

This terrible event was due to discrimination against Jewish people in Germany, and was led by Adolf Hitler and his followers, the Nazis, killing six million European Jews and millions of others during World War II. Hitler believed that all Jewish people needed to be “disposed of”. He was power-hungry and crazy, and he had too many followers to back him up.

Extermination Camps were used as way of killing huge amounts of Jewish people at once through the use of gas chambers. German physicians also used Jewish people for many medical experiments.

The Holocaust is an absolutely awful example of genocide and mass murder due to racism. Luckily, Hitler was stopped, but not before he did an extreme amount of damage to the world.

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  • Justin

    I think that Racism is just plain flat out stupid.

    • anna

      yes !!

      • candylover =)

        I know right !!

  • keeva

    people think racism is funny but to be honest its nothing but a sick jopke.. people find spitting and bullying people is funny and fun but its nothing but stupid!!! So what if someone is a different colour ?? nothing is different abiout them.. Racism happens to white people aswell but the way i see it white people dont exactly get it the way dark people get it !! tbh it should just be stopped al together !!!!

    • cupcake

      yu right people shouldn’t be treated diffrent because of there color i love what you said because it’s true

      catch you next time by

  • boo

    i think personally that racism is worse than anything

  • Becca

    All this racist stuff is driving me crazy. if a person is black why discriminate them. its not their fault that they are the colour they are. just think that if you were in their shoes you would hate to be picked on because you are of a different race or colour, so why do people do it to them. its mean and stupid and their really is no need for it. i want to stop racism because its singling people out that cant help the way they are and might actually be a nice person. but no people just cant stand the fact of having black people in their world. my nan always told me ” don’t judge a book by its cover” that means for those of you that are being racist that you should talk to a person before making a judgement about them. so those of you that want to help stop it reply to me if you don’t then shame on you because i would hate to in their situation. thank you. xoxoxoxoxox

  • leximissesmyboo


    Girl shut the hell up if yu look black people are qonna call yu black !! Problem??!

    • abbo



      thats not very nice 🙁 lexccmizzezmaboooo! I’M AHSAMED!

  • Lilli

    I fing it really irritating when people say someone is being racist when they’re not. I mean, saying somebody is black when they are isn’t racist, no more than it is when you call a white person white. Saying somebody’s a bad person because of their skin colour, now THAT’s racism.

    Oh, and to everyone who was bullyed or teased because of thier skin colour- congratulations on being the better person in those situations, because some people may lash out or fight back, but you guys stood your ground, which I think is insparational.

  • stAr

    I’m Dominican and I have light skin with “African” hair- whatever that means. In my country people like me is EVERYWHERE! The majority of Dominicans are mixed. I have heard so many things about me and my people that just isn’t right. Black people automatically call us Blacks because of our hair but we are NOT Black. We have African in us, but were are HISPANICS!! It’s a Spanish-speaking island, therefore we are Hispanics. It’s not fair when people say Dominicans are blacks trying to pass as Hispanics. First of all, there is NOT one image that you can say “now that’s a Hispanic person”. Anyone can be Hispanic and that is something I love about my culture. I am mixed with African, Filipino, Spanish and much more but will I say I’m Filipino or I’m Black? NO!!!! Because I am Dominican/Hispanic. That’s my family history and what runs in my blood but I am me. And its really annoying when people try to push me into thinking or believing I’m Black. I don’t wanna be anyone but me and in my country there is no such thing as this race thing here in the US. We are Dominicans and if you ever go to my island you will see that we are some of the nicest people in the world. Number one tourist destination in the Caribbean. Who cares about race anyways? It’s the inside that counts! Be MATURE people!

    • Annie pretzels

      That must b annoying

  • Jameisha

    Racism comes in differnt forms. It just annoys me when people say “oh, just another black with a chip on their shoulder” people who say this go on like racism doesnt exist. Do people think that when i go to spain for example i want to be gawped, laughed at or made fun of. Do i really want my sister to feel self concious on something that is supposed to be a “fun holiday? ” of course not, Racism happens to anyone, and yes it happens to white people as well. I just can’t stand it when people feel i’m stressing over nothing when it comes to racism when most have no idea what a lot of people have to go through everyday!

    • Ariey

      I agree it makes me so so mad. I was discriminated against too. I went to a predominitley hispanic school for most of my school years and when I was in middle school, I was hated on every single day. I would be called flour baby, white girl, guera, cracker, wonder bread, snowflake, and kids wouldnt talk to me because I was white and they thought I was stuck up and spoiled…which definitley was NOT the case. I would cry a lot and I was afraid to stand up for myself. Finally I did and now people respect me and know me better before they judge me based on the color of my skin. It still bothers me to think that happened and how people could be so small minded.