This gURL Spoofed The American Apparel Plus-Sized Model Search, Then Accidentally Won It

Do you think it's a funny spoof?

A few weeks ago, American Apparel, a fashion company known for its super-skinny models and small sizes, introduced both clothing in size XL and a contest looking for the perfect plus-sized, “booty-ful” models. In the process, they managed to totally offend some people, especially Nancy Upton, who decided to spoof the competition — then ended up winning it.

The original ad for the contest asked for models “who need a little extra wiggle room where it counts” and “curvaceous bods”.

Nancy found the wording really offensive, explaining on her blog: “As corny as it sounds, it just occurred to me that based on their ‘Hey, come on, fatties, we want you to play, too’ tone, wouldn’t it be kind of brilliant to respond in a, ‘Thanks for letting me play, just let me try put down the pizza, first’ similar mocking tone.”

Nancy sent in photos of herself stuffing her face with chicken and pizza, and we think the spoof was actually pretty hilarious, but apparently American Apparel did not. When the voting on the contest ended, she was ranked 1 out of 991, but the company refused to name her the winner because of the spoof.

WDYT, gURLs? Do you feel offended by the wording American Apparel used? Do you think Nancy’s spoof was funny? Should she be the real winner? Discuss below.

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  • Nancy

    I think that was offensive, and she not only showed them who was boss, but won everyone over in the process. I think she deserves to be featured 🙂

  • jane

    i found the wording realy offensive we should embrace who we are not some skinny model who lives off apples, as far as im concered she was first so she won

  • ericarage

    I find the size offending! XL??? YOU THINK THAT IS PLUS SIZE???? I say that girl freaking ROCKS. She is real role model.

  • Macy(kutiepie2nyc)

    I hate stores that only sell same sizes. I think the spoof was funny in a good way. American A. is class-less.

  • Brie

    American Apparel seems to never show any class is all i have to say

  • Anon

    I don’t see what the big deal is. Her spoof got popular so she should be happy…it’s not like she wanted to be the model anyways..And obviously there is ALWAYS going to be someone to complain, no matter what American Apparel does. I don’t think the girl that spoofed it should win because there are plenty of plus size models who would be happy to model for American Apparel.

  • Meg

    Wtf, American Apparel? I’ve seriously had enough of their sh*t. Their ads are offensive and degrading to women. Seriously they all look like drugged up rape victims in blinding light. And now they won’t even give props to the winner of this?!

  • erica

    i think its funny. and the they should have accepted her. i mean come on not everybody has the perfect body some carry baggage like me. it goes with the saying nobodys perfect. they should have accepted her.

  • Ashley

    I find the wording really mean and offensive and i think if she was ranked number one, then she is the winner!