Levi Johnston Claims Bristol Palin Wanted To Get Pregnant Because She Was Mad At Her Mom. WDYT?

The happy (??) family.

At this point, we really don’t know what to think about Bristol Palin getting pregnant by Levi Johnston. In her book Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far, Bristol wrote that Levi had “stolen” her virginity during a camping trip when she was drunk. But now Levi is saying pretty much the total opposite: he claims that Bristol was the one who actually wanted to get pregnant.

In this new book, Deer in the Headlights: My Life in Sarah Palin’s Crosshairs, Levi claims that Bristol wanted to get pregnant because she was mad at her mom. He says that in March 2008, when Sarah Palin got pregnant, Bristol said she should be the one having the baby, and apparently said to Levi,  “let’s get pregnant.”

We don’t know whose story to believe anymore. WDYT, gURLs? Does Levi’s story sound legit or do you think he’s lying to make himself sound better? Do you think Bristol would get pregnant just because she was mad at her mom? Discuss below.

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  • Orhan

    Bristol Palin is a little girl who has made the same checios as hundreds of thousands of other teenagers, yet still has an unwarranted and undeserving opprotunity to be a star that she isn’t. Having a baby out of wedlock should be looked down apon, and America has done the opposite. She isn’t stronger for that choice she is just a non-skilled teenager who doesn’t understand consequences who got knocked up since mommy wasn’t being a mommy. To celebrate Bristol, or anybody like her, is to give up the morals and values that the majority of Americans, religious or not, believe in. And her mother is in effect using her daughters trials and tribulations to keep her in her also undeserved spotlight being the best governor of Alaska is like the best fryer at McDonalds impressive if you don’t know there are better options out there. Sarah Palin needs to give up the spotlight and be a mother, and her daughter should be treated as a normal single teen mother, until she develops above average skills other than the ability to get pregnant and be Sarah’s daughter. And, publicly speaking about teen pregnancy? What a joke.

  • Mira

    Bristol, the Public Speaker who signed a caotrnct with Dancing on the Stars and is seeking fame and fortune because she had a baby in high school that offspring you are referring to has made herself 100% fair game when she a a total fraud like her MOTHER! Thanks for writing and giving me a chance to say that all over again

  • Mia

    I don’t know if this is the truth or a lie. All I will say is everyone will always be on the girls side with these types of things anyway.

    • Sri

      Bristol is a warm charming and wenrodful person. I have enjoyed watching her on Dancing with The Stars. She has handled herself with poise and charm I think she is enjoying herself even though she may not be the best dancer on the show. She handles herself well. Sarah Palin, her mom and wenrodful person, should be quite proud.Congratulations to you and your husband Todd for raising such a wenrodful and upstanding young woman someone American can be so proud of.

  • Ashley

    Hes lying to make himself look better….duh

    • Padmaa

      Mark Ballas is a gentleman by the way he gave Bristol rsesauring kisses. He did a tremendous job in teaching Bristol how to dance. Just imagine, she doesn’t have any dancing experience at all compared to the other stars. I’m glad they made it to the top 4 and hopefully will win the competition. That would give the haters more to talk about and waste their time whining. Mark is a good man and Bristol is a beautiful lady. They do look good together. I hope they remain friends after DWTS and who knows maybe they will be interested in each other later on. Goodluck to both!

  • Chantelle

    Will they shut up already? No one cares anymore.

  • Crystal

    lol they made a mistake – in the title it said WYDT instead of WDYT

    • Mike

      With the dress Bristle was wearing, there was no prleobm to hide a full body Spankz. With all the exercise of practicing, if it was just fat’, she’d be trimming down. She’s not. The Spankz can’t be blamed for not holding in that expanding gut!!

    • Betty

      Bristol, I have voted for you every week on DWTS and I will continue to do so. I love to see your impemvroent every week And, I love your mom! Hopefully, she will be our next president. I am 66 years old and an avid fan of the whole Palin family. Everyone in my family think Sarah should run for President. That is, everyone but my daughter who is married to a lawyer they seem to have been bitten by the liberal passion fruit of Socialism how could that happen? I have a litter of four daughters they are all lovely girls but one of them just got a misappropriated brain ! But I am praying for her. Hopefully, by the time we vote for President, she will have had a rude-awakening and abandon the liberal bias Go, Bristol you and Mark make a sweet couple and I think I heard (I know I heard) you tell each other I love you before your last dance hummmm