How Do I Tell My Parents I Want To Change My Religion?

It's not for everybody...

Hi Heather,

So I’ve been thinking really, really long and hard about my religion. I was raised a Catholic and most of my family (including my aunts, uncles, and cousins, even second cousins) are Roman Catholic as well. My parents are super religious and they thoroughly believe in God.

I’ve thought about it for 2-3 years and I’ve decided that Catholicism isn’t for me. I just don’t feel comfortable being Catholic.  I just don’t believe in God. Not to be offensive in any way, but I don’t think there’s a point to religion. And I’m planning to tell my parents soon, but I’m scared to. I’m scared of how they’ll react or if they’ll get mad. And I don’t know exactly how to tell them. I’m making a point to tell them really soon, since I’m supposed to start Confirmation classes. What should I do?

Religion should be a personal choice, not something that you’re forced into. This might be a difficult thing to tell your family, but if you know that this isn’t the right religion for you, then it’s important that you stay true to your beliefs. I’m glad you realize you need to be honest with your parents. It probably won’t be easy to talk about, but it’s the right thing to do.

The best thing is to just be completely straight up with your mom and dad. Tell them how long you’ve been thinking about this, and explain that you just don’t feel right practicing this religion anymore. Explain exactly how you feel and how passionate you are about it. Let them know you’re not trying to hurt them at all, it’s just something you feel you need to do for yourself.

Your parents reaction might be a little scary — just make sure you stay calm and controlled no matter what. That helps to show them that you’re mature enough to make this decision on your own. Stick by your beliefs. Just because Cath0licism is something your whole family practices doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you for not wanting to be a part of it.

WDYT, gURLs? Have you ever decided to change your religion? Do you and your family disagree on faith? Give us your advice and discuss below!

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  • Maria

    hey!!i am in grade 9. I am a muslim but for some reason i dont really like my religion. Now most people misunderstand this. i am not saying anything against it. its just that i dont get to do what i want to. i have 2 brothers and growing up i always felt like they are at an advantage. i had thoughts like it would have been better if i was a guy and it makes me so angry sometimes. i just dont get it like i know if i tell my parents, its gonna be a disaster but for some reason i m still ready. i am not scared to change my religion. i feel like i am not gonna regret it and it makes me so so so angry. like why cant i just accept it. i have tried everything. going to regular meetings and stuff but i still want to change it. i think the reason why i want to change it is that i want to follow my dreams but all my dreams are something that is criticized and hated in my religion. my dreams are that i want to be a kpop idol. i know it sounds RIDICULOUS IMPOSSIBLE SILLY but it is something i want to accomplish. like music makes me happy., makes me excited and passionate but i cant do it because of my religion. The second thing i wanted to do was to become a swimmer. i love swimming. the water makes me feel protected and i love it. i want to go to the olympics but i cant do it because of my religion. i asked my dad if i we should follow our heart or our brain and he said brain. that means he is not expecting anything like changing religions. i m a smart kid. i get above 95 on my tests and my family wants me to do something in medical or business but i dont want to. No matter how much money i get, i think at the end i will regret NOT changing my religion. plus i am only 14. why am i thinking about changing my religion now. i have all sorts of questions. just give me a piece of advice. i am not happy at all. i am angry, annoyed and tired. thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!