Can a gURL Who Plays Sports Be Stylish?

Audrina is one example that they can be.

You already know high schools and colleges are full of labels, and you’re supposed to fit into just one, right? Wrong! Puma Women’s Soccer players like Amy Rodriguez prove you can kick butt on the field and on the red carpet. But WDYT? Are gURLs who play sports always so stylish?

Tell us yourself — how do you stay fashionable on and off the field? (Puma Women’s Collection can get you started if you’re lost.) Post in the comments.

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  • CloverTea123

    Just because sometimes the uniform is a bit ugers, don’t mean they ain’t fashionable~

  • Emme

    I play on a premier soccer club for 3 days a week with volley ball once a week and many tournaments 5ks and games all the time. I am one of the most well dressed girls at my school( I won an award for my awesome style!) I wear heels and dresses and bows and makeup. Most people don’t even take me seriously when I tell then I can kick their butts at soccer and can out run them even in my adorable toms wedges !!! Sporty girls are and always will be on top cus we can look good and kick ass!!

  • Soccer gURL

    lol i meant dresses stupid autocorrect!!

  • Soccer gURL

    I play soccer, tennis, basketball,softball, lacrosse, track and ice hockey. i am a super girly girl and i always try to keep up with style, i love shoes, wearing dressing and bikinis<3 so yes!

  • Fatima, Pakistan

    All the athletic girls I’ve known in real life, and celebrities, have usually been pretty stylish.