Plastic Surgery

No need to be scared if you know the facts.

What’s the first thing you think of when you think of plastic surgery? Is it older moms trying to look young again? Celebrities trying to look as “perfect” as they possibly can? Plastic surgery is a huge topic and something that people talk about constantly. But how much do you actually know about about all of this nipping and tucking? It’s not all boob jobs and liposuction, ya know…

Plastic surgery might seem very Hollywood, but no matter what’s being done to your body, it’s always a really serious medical procedure that has the same risks as any other surgery. It’s not a quick solution to low self-esteem or something that should be taken lightly. We figured that with all of the plastic surgery talk going on in the world, we’d give you all the facts so you can decide what you think about it for yourself. Click on to learn all about nose jobs, boobs jobs and lots more.

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  • Mohamed

    Hiya,I have been to Thailand several times, some preiceve Thailand as a third world country. I dont. I love the place. It is very cheap there. I have seen several cases of breast augmentation there. I even personally know 3 people that have had it done. The work was pretty outstanding as well. The price i was told for breast augmentation was 40,000 thai baht. that is the equivalence of roughly 1,000 US dollars. The flight from the US to Bangkok is right at 1300 US. I know for fact that Thailand has some of the best plastic surgeons on the planet, as it is the leader of the world for sex changes. I’m not sure what type of plastic surgery you are after, but I hope this helps.

  • Mia

    Of course it’s not all boob jobs and liposuction. Plastic Surgery can be a very serious medical procedure.

    My great-grandmother had to have a breast implant because she had breast cancer.

  • Kharaline

    I got plastic surgery this summer, but it was like corrective surgery. My eyelashes were basically destroying my sight and if I didnt get the surgery, then I risked becoming blind. So plastic surgery isnt always bad.

  • Lyric

    i did not know ashley tisdale had a nose job..