Ali Lohan Debuts A New Face. Did She Get Some Serious Plastic Surgery?

There's no denying she did SOMETHING drastic.

When Ali Lohan was spotted in Beverly Hills this week, she completely shocked everyone with… an entirely new face? We don’t know for sure, but to us, it looks like the 17-year-old got some serious plastic surgery done to change her whole look.

Lindsay’s little sis hasn’t addressed any of the plastic surgery rumors, and the changes could have been from a drastic weight loss, but one thing’s for sure: she looks like a completely different person, and we’re not going to lie, it’s a little scary. Her cheeks and lips definitely look fuller, while her nose is more narrow and her eyebrows are bushier. She also looks shockingly skinny.

WDYT, gURLs? If Ali did get plastic surgery, do you think that’s okay? Should gURLs as young as 17 be going under the knife? Do you think she looked better before or after? Discuss below!

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  1. avatar Kaylene says:

    oh my gosh! she looked better the first way, really..

  2. avatar lala1112 says:

    Two different people I swear…or the same person 30 years later smh

  3. avatar lala1112 says:

    Two different people I swear…or the same person 30 years later

  4. avatar Siobhan says:

    Are you kidding me ? shes not growing up thats not a face that is caused by growing up she had work done on her face obviously , look at the dramtic change she looks nothing like her lohan family she looks adopted LOL,then again my face changed when i was growing up i iused to be so dark,i had bushy eyebrows and i mean bushy they were mountains , i had braces and i used to look so retarded i looked ugly as i was fat even,was a tad chubby ,now i’m like kinda beigy sandy colored not as tan as i used to be plucked ,shaped eyebrows (not enough though lmao i can never get them done properly ), my teeth are better than before , im alot thinner but mine was a dramtic change in puberty but ali lohan you can tell she had worked done her nose looks different as if nose changes in time and she looks too wasted and alien like she defenitaly had work done on her face not some dramatic change in puberty thats sily :L

  5. avatar Audrey says:

    I kinda don’t know what to say…. I mean she was cute before, if I saw her in a dark alleyway I’d think she way some kind of weird axe murderer. And yes, A TAN PLEASE

  6. avatar Mia says:

    Um wow. Talk about make-under! She wouldn’t look so bad if she didn’t have those UGLY eyebrows tho. And a tan would help. She looks like she’s sickly.

  7. avatar Ariey says:

    Wow that doesn’t look anything like the same person like what so ever. She looks like a really different person and actually, a less attractive person. I thought she was much older then 17 in the first picture and I think that you should wait until your mid twenties early thirties befor you go under the knife, so that you are sure its what you want to do. This is a horrible example of plastic surgery for young girls. Look how glowing and full of life and sass she looks in the first picture and the second picture after the remodel, she looks dull lifeless, old, and let go.

  8. avatar Quiet.Girls.Hear.More. says:

    I thought she was like 40, not 17.

  9. avatar Gee says:

    She looks gross…

  10. avatar Chloe says:

    *i am not Entirely saying she got something done

  11. avatar Chloe says:

    I don’t understand why people get plastic surgery. They alll look way worse AFTER they get plastic surgery and looked beautiful BEFORE they changed themselves, Listen people LOVE YOURSELVES. Your perfect the way you are Helllllloooo :D !

  12. avatar BELLA says:

    I dont know it might not have been alot of plastic surgery the eyebrows can change alot! But she definitly looked prettier before! Maybe this is just without make up and she hasnt gotten her eyebrows done for a long time! lol

  13. avatar Gabbers says:

    She looked prettier before. Now she kind of looks like the walking dead. Shame, really.

  14. avatar Becky says:

    With the way that so much of her face has changed, I’d actually lean towards the explanation of severe weight loss. Of course, either explanation is a bit disturbing. Weight loss dramatic enough to affect the way your face looks in definitely a serious health risk, and plastic surgery at such a young age seems rather misguided. To make a major change to your body before you’re done growing physically and emotionally is risking a lot of regret down the road.

  15. avatar ariana says:

    i agree i think she looks soo pretty before and i dont support any plastic surgery i believe that everyone is perfect just the way they are.

  16. avatar ariana says:

    i agree i think she looks soo pretty before and i dont support any plastic surgery i believe that everyone is perfect just the way they are.<3

  17. avatar Taylor says:

    She was so pretty before. MESSAGE TO EVERYONE! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! Don’t change yourself, and the way your meant to look.

  18. avatar STeph says:

    No she looked better before, now she looks dead…

  19. avatar Angela says:

    I think when you’re growing up your face can change if you gain or lose weight. She isn’t sporting a fake tan anymore and she’s shaped her eyebrows. Changing your eyebrows can change the way your entire face looks! Contouring your cheeks can have the same effect. I don’t think she got anything done, she’s just growing up.

  20. avatar Nijer says:

    She looks like someone who belongs in a horror movie. She was much prettier before.

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