Miley Cyrus Says Every gURL Explores Their Sexuality and There’s Nothing Wrong With That. Do You Agree?

Miley's photoshoot for Prestige

Miley Cyrus is one gURL who we can always count on to make headlines. Whether it’s smoking salvia on video or taking racy pics, she’s definitely no stranger to controversy. And even if we don’t always agree with her decisions, we kind of love what she had to say about gURLs and their sexuality in her recent interview with Prestige magazine.

Miley  said, “I’m not some crazy lady who’s gone off the deep end, because I definitely haven’t. I just always try to be real. Every 18-year-old explores sexuality and experiments and tries things. For me there’s no reason to change that. You have to be true to yourself.”

We have to agree with Miley — shouldn’t gURLs be able to explore their sexuality and live a little without being judged for it?

WDYT, gURLs? Does Miley make a good point? Do you think gURLs should be able to try new things and not be called names just for doing that? Or do you think Miley is totally wrong? Discuss below!

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  • Regina Vivian

    Yes, I think that gURLs should explore a little bit. Its hard to know where you fit in. But use your head. Its also hard to fix mistakes that you’ve made and its even harder when you’re being picked on. So use morals when exploring. I learned he hard way. Be safe when exploring gURLs.

  • Strawberry

    Well of course we gotta explore our sexuallity and body because if we dont, how are we gonna know how our body reacts to certain things?. we have to know what we like/enjoy and whats not our cup of tea ya know?

  • Daniella

    I don’t hate Miley Cyrus, I am not a big fan of her but I don’t hate her. I think she is deffinitaly right though. Everyone should be able to explore there sexuality with out being judged because atleast everyone of you had a sexual thought about the same sex.

  • Robin

    I’ve never been a fan. I think she’s obnoxious and annoying, but that’s just my personal opinion. She makes a good point saying that every 18 year old experiments, and that’s okay. I think if there was more opportunity for me, I would too. But she’s forgetting that she isn’t every 18 year old. She’s a role model who is constantly in the spot light, and she has to understand that people will judge her for that even if what she is doing is normal. The biggest problem in this whole situation is that her parents never reigned her in. Maybe I’m thinking this way because my Mom and Dad would slaughter me for publicizing any “experimenting”. Maybe it wouldn’t have mattered, and she’d be doing all of this anyways. But I have a big feeling she’s had ridiculous amounts of freedom in her life that, I’m sorry, most of the world doesn’t get. So yeah, experimenting = totally normal, but that doesn’t mean you or your parents can be idiots about it.

    • kittyocleo

      i agree 100% with u!

  • Lisa

    I agree with her on sexuality but there is a difference between exploring and dressing up like a prostitue.

  • Steph

    Miley’s right. The things she’s done are pretty normal (at least, I think they are). I do, however, agree with the other comment about the children’s award show thing. I don’t have a problem with her experimenting. It’s normal, it’s to be expected, that’s fine. But is doing it in such a public manner, where every six year old who became obsessed with her while she was Hannah Montana can see really necessary? I agree with the “keep your private life private” philosophy.

  • Amber

    As long as you’re smart, and make healthy and proper choices for your mind/body, then exploring is fine. I think all girls just learn about their own bodies first, before letting someone else explore it though. I think masturbation should be talked about more amongst teens, so that girls don’t end up growing up feeling like they have to depend on a guy for them to “explore” their sexuality. Exploring is fine, regretting is bad.

  • bobby

    i totally agree! and the truth is we can! i do and i never get called for it. i dont go around telling people but when they find out i find that most girls come up to me and tell me that they admire me for it. If girls want to explore then they can its just that most girls tend to give of the slutty image of themselves which gives them their names. So if you want to explore then you can, just go do it but make sure to stay true to yourself!

  • Heaven

    i think its just fine for her to explore. in sexuality, w. drugs, and with alcohol.. but there is a time and a place for everything.. meaning, she shouldnt be wearing shorts that you can almost see her labia in, and a shirt that shows almost everything, and pole dancing .. at an awards show for CHILDRENS TELEVISION! imean come on!

    • kittyocleo

      yeah shes free to explore her sexual life however i do not believe that it would be appropriate for her to do it publicly, since many young children became obsessed with her and they would see or hear about her ‘explorations’ on public – which just sounds gross

    • Swkratis

      i am pansexual, and to the pleope who have commented against it above, i completely despise you. what miley has done is amazing. she’s always supported and this is one thing i like that she’s done. i don’t get how it’s against god’. you are supposedly not supposed to fear him, you religious pleope say that he’s caring, and loving to each individual, but when you see someone that is gay, it’s against him. please just go sit down somewhere.

  • Tay Tay

    Miley has been through alot wit the media. I actually have always liked her. I agree with what she says. I think it’s wrong for other people to judge…..but think about it..we judge people everyday in our heads….I think what matters in the end of the day is you know who you are and focus on you…..It doesn’t matter what “so-so” THINKS about you and “so-so” THINKS about them… You are who you are.

  • brittney

    the also says you should kill your kid if there bad

  • brittney

    the bible also says that you should kill you kid if there bad

  • Angela

    I agree with her, but I think she needs to be careful about what the media puts out about her. If people only see all the racy things she has been doing people will think she’s gone too far. I think she should keep her life private. From what I’ve read and seen it seems like she’s trying really hard to let everyone know that she’s grown up. I grew up watching the same thing happen to Britney Spears, she explored her sexuality publicly to let everyone know she was growing up. It’s sad that girls feel like they have to do that!

  • Hannah

    I agree! Almost every ggirl exxperoments. It is normal! Miley is just a normal girl and i admire her for that! You don’t know who you are if you dont experiment.

  • Renita Rhone

    That comment is stupid and is a person using their popularity to make their shortcoming seem okay! Some girls do that and i am not saying there is something wrong with that, but there are women who have independent minds and dont have to explore most beliefs!

  • Christine

    I’m not a huge Miley Cyrus fan, but she’s right. She’s a normal teenager and there’s nothing wrong with exploring sexuality or, honestly, much else she’s done. She’s just in the spotlight and is therefore given crap for it.

  • Katherine

    Miley is not a very good role model. She is 18 and wears slutty clothes. It’s ridiculous! I can’t believe her parents let her dress like that! She is suppose to be a role model, and show every one its not about sex or your looks!!! You will be judged on that sort of stuff. If you don’t want to be judged then don’t be a skank. Miley shouldn’t be saying those kinds of stuff or showing off her body on the internet. It’s stupid and irresponsible!

  • Ariey

    I think that she is right. Every 18 year old girl at some point in her life has, is, or will experiment with sexuality, drugs, ect. because it is all apart of our enviroment, and no she isnt taking these things to get attention. Almost every girl unless you are miss goodie two shoes has done one of these things. Whether it was drinking, trying drugs, or experimenting with your sexuality, and every girl, just like every boy…has the right to do that. Thats how we learn lifes great lessons and find who we are in this world. You have to jump before you can fly. Right? Im all for this. She is a human, not a doll and of course we expect more from her being that she is a role model to young women every where but that still doesnt change the fact that she is HUMAN!

    • Lisa

      Why do you have to drink, do drugs and havesex to figure out who we are in the world?

  • Melissa

    Miley is wrong! You will be judged for everything you do. But by God and I think with all the glam in her life she’s forgotten who she is. The Bible firmly states One man and one woman- not same gender. and it also states that yes God loves everyone, BUT we are all sinners(and when Jesus His son is in your heart and you’ve asked forgiveness you shall be forgiven), and will be judged by him. The judgement from friends or adults or whomever doesn’t matter. So sure go ahead do what you want and say what you want Miley- but you will be judged for what you have done with the life God gave you.

    • oink-oink-moo-moo

      yeah, the Bible also says you shouldn’t wear clothing made of mixed fabrics

      • Angela

        That’s so true! Why do people talk about the bible on here?

        • richystein

          Because its true.Maybe some people should read the bible more often,then maybe we would’nt be having earthquakes and hurricanes in places they have never been before.

    • bedrockerbabi

      Okay no need to get all nun on Miley. She is right, and you will not be judged for everything you do. If you wanna preach go preach at church but not here

    • Diana

      Yeah the bible also says that eating shellfish is an abomination Lev. 11:10
      you also can’t plant 2 crops in the same field Lev. 19:19
      and finally you can sell your daughters Exodus 21:7

      As for Miley, I think that she is entitled to her own opinion but for me I think that she’s for the most part right. We are women and acknowledging that much means we are acknowledging our own sexuality, that we have a vajay jay down there and we are proud. Exploring your sexuality doesn’t mean having sex or using toys or watching porn, it can quite simply mean that we are women, and by giving our selves to men we have an ability to create, and this ability would not be possible without the exploration of sex. We are so lucky in be in an age where people can enjoy it, even if ur married or not. It use to be in the 1600’s that women were told to lay back, spread their legs and think of their country (even if they are married).

      • richystein

        if you cant preach up here you shouldn’t go giving your facts.That such a double standard.

    • richystein

      I AGREE.You will be judged for everything you do.God is still gonna love you but you can’t just do something that obviously is forbidden and You know it and just go and say its normal what the heck is that.:+

    • celine

      dude bible girl, ever thought not everybody believes in god? some of us believe in knowledge, education and science. which doesnt stop us from having values. why do people in america always have to bring christianity into every freakin thing, this is 2011 wtf!

    • Skyrider

      Why do you get forgiven, and then judged? Doesn’t that kind of cancel out the forgiveness effect? Did you just write it incorrectly, or do people actually pay attention to that bull?

      • Adia

        well….i agree and disagree at the same time. yes, i do believe girls should explore their bodies, and see what feels good, and what they like. But at the same time, i don’t think Miley should be making comments like that, because their are many girls under the age of 16 who look up to her as a role model, and may be tempted to try more things other than “self exploration”.

  • Taylor

    I know people hate her, I never have. I do think she is just being herself. She is right, we are all entitled to exploring our sexuality.