What Would You and Your BFF’s Back-to-School Makeover Style Be?

Ally and Alli after their makeovers.

No matter what your own unique personal style is, everyone wants to impress their classmates on the first few days back-to-school. So wouldn’t it be pretty awesome to get a back-to-school makeover that enhances your style? BFF’s Ally and Alli got to live out their dream of working with a celebrity stylist to create amazing looks for their first day of college. It got us thinking: what’s up with you and your BFF’s personal style?

Watch the video to check out Ally and Alli’s beauty and style transformations and then answer the q’s about your own look.

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  • Emily

    I’m different to my friends, I’m a punk & always wear my red tartan skirt, while they all wear pink dresses & that

  • Megan

    I’m sorry, but I would never wear something really impressive on the first day of school. It can make some people look like they’re trying too hard

  • Mazza

    my friends and i are different too. I like to normal things with like a rock edge, while she just wears more up to date fashion (expensive) stuff

    • V

      Same here! My friend is wearing a $500 dress to school and I’m like… We’re in high school, but suit yourself. I’m wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Lol my other friend wears polo shirts and basketball shorts, and the rest wear pretty girly stuff.

  • brianne

    me and my friend also have very different styles. i am goth and emo and sceneish. but she just wears colors all the time. unlike me. and when i do wear colors everyone always looks at me like im a new kid or something. its so funny to see the looks on their faces

  • Miranda Says RAWR!!


  • EA’s Wayward Victorian Girl

    Me and my best friends are very different when it comes to style. She always dresses like a boy, while I dress more gothic, I guess. xD