I Have So Much Acne. How Can I Stop Breaking Out?

As tempting as it is, DON'T pop your pimples!

Dear Heather,

I think there is something wrong with my skin, because sometimes I have A LOT of pimples, then the next day I have absolutely none. I use a daily wash and treatment gel that the doctor prescribed to me, however I do not see the difference. It’s really frustrating especially when I plan to go out with my friends and then in the morning I wake up with spots and have to cancel the plans that were made. Sometimes I even think it will make people view me in a different way. This makes me feel really self-conscious. Is there anything I can do to stop this cringe-worthy problem??

No doubt about it, breaking out is so annoying. However, while it might feel like you’re the only gURL going through this, take comfort in knowing you are definitely not: acne happens to everyone, especially teens.

If your acne is super stubborn, going to the dermatologist can be a great solution. Since you’ve already seen a derm and the medicine isn’t working, you should let him/her know. Make an appointment and explain exactly what’s happening. Sometimes it takes a few tries to find the treatment that’s going to work best for your skin (everyone is different).

Or, take matters into your own hands: ProActiv usually has good results and can be ordered easily. Over-the-counter products, like Neutrogena or Clean & Clear, can be great are great for short-term solutions, like if you want to get rid of a pimple right away. And no matter what medicine you’re using, make sure you stick to these general rules: wash your face every morning and night, never sleep with makeup on, try not to touch your face throughout the day (the oil and dirt from your fingers lead to break-outs), and don’t pop your pimples — that leaves scars.

And don’t let your acne rule your social life. If you’re really uncomfortable, invest in a good concealer. Just remember — you might feel like everyone is noticing your zits, but most of the time they’re really not.

WDYT, gURLs? Do you have stubborn acne? How do you get rid of your pimples? Do you ever notice when your friends are breaking out? Give us your tips and discuss below!

take care,

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  • Rebecca

    You can try using Clean and clear but you must use it regularly. Just don’t start on pills cause when you stop taking it your acne will burst out and it will be even more worse than last time. Good luck! πŸ˜€

  • Katie

    Hi Heather, i used to get the odd one or two-but then i started to get major breakouts! The best tips i have discovered are these:
    Sudocrem-Celebrities like cheryl Cole, Katie Price and Lauren Goodger Use it. But it takes time!
    Toothpaste-Haha again it sounds odd, but it is also a celebrity tip. It works really well i find, dries the spot out.
    Salt and oil. This works really well, gives your skin a healthy glow and the salt works as a facial scrub.Remember not to be to harsh with what you use on your skin-it eventualy ends up in your bloodstream! Hope i helped πŸ™‚ x

  • Alexis Barbero

    Acne I hate it,But not all teens have it? So do kids! When I was 8 years old I started getting acne. I wash my fash back and shoulders every single moment day and night even in the shower/bath… I am going to a Germ doctor soon. But acne I can’t stand it. So heres what to do. Get oatmeal soap,Achole,Regalr Soap,Clearsil ….Clearsil Night wash (New) Hope this helps .

  • MariSSa

    Pantothen you can buy online, no prescription needed, but Aczone you will need a prescription, but on the Aczone website you can just click the “Find a dermatologist” thing.

  • MariSSa

    Whenever I get my period, I start getting really bad breakouts, they continue to happen about 10 days after my period stops, and this has happened ever since I was 12. I always tried a million things for it, including Proactiv, and they all sucked, and barely did a thing to help. But a month ago, I went to a new dermatologist, and he gave me a pill called Pantothen to try and a topical treatment called Aczone, and put together it’s like freaking magic! Ever since trying them, i’ve only had two small bumps on my cheeks during my period. I definitely recommend you try these.

  • bailee

    my acne started when i was about 9 and i started using proactiv about 7 months ago and now i dont have any acne but you have to use it every day twice but it is definitly worth it! hope this helped!

  • Ashley

    I have semi-sensitive skin. I use Neutrogena. I’ve had acne since i was like 10 and no one else did. I still suffer from blackheads and minor breakouts but nothing major.

  • justBEAUTIFULme

    I found that buying really cheap moisturizing body soaps at wal-mart or any drug store worked best for me. There’s not a ton of chemicals and stuff to hurt your skin. It’s super uncomfortable at first because it makes your skin all tight, but once you get dry your face it feels super soft and clean. I barely get any break outs now. πŸ™‚

  • scar removal creams

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  • megluvsya

    Im 12 years old and I have been suffering from acne for 4 years now. Unfortunately none of my friends are going through the same thing. Even though I am young the case of acne I have is bad. I have tried every spot cream ever made. I am too scared to see a dermatologist because sometimes the things you get prescribed make your face red and puffy or lead to depression and nausea so basically I get this mineral make up. Its great. It does change the tone of your skin at all so it doesn’t look like you’re wearing make up. It just covers up red marks, scars, spots, pimples etc.
    Hope this helped.

  • Matilda

    When I am on my period my face breaks out all over! It takes a long time to get rid of too! A lot of my friends have started their period too, but when they are on their period their face never breaks out! I feel like people just stare at my pimples all the time! I have been to the Dermatologist and I wash my face every night with my prescription. HELP!!

  • Jayna

    Hey guys! Well I’m jayna and I’m 13. I’ve always had a problem with bad acne. Ever since I was about 8. When I was 8 I also got my period… But ANYWHO, I have a solution! Dermatologists usually give you pills that are harmful for your immune system. I talked to my doctor and got a prescription, and I’m not sure if I can mention its name on here, but my acne is all gone! It’s fabulas!

  • Mel

    I just found thiswebsite and already finding it useful! I have serious bad acne. I will tell you how bad. There was not ONE day when i didnt have a pimple in 2010. Some days it was better others not! It is horrible! I have tryed everything but ProActive cause it is way to expensive. Could somebody help me!!!

  • penguingirl03

    Thanks, this actually kinda helped. I hate when i have acne, or like this red rash around my lips.. it’s sooo embarassing πŸ™ so i used this cream called aquphore πŸ™‚ danngg!!! it works i reccomend you guys with a lot of acne, or dry skin to use it.. all the guys look at me now and flirt with me. and i’m not afraid to flirt back =)

    • Laura

      Aquaphor? Really? I have some of that to put on my tattoo when I first got it but its never crossed my mind to put it on my face…

  • shane (I’m a girl)

    I have alot of acne but it’s all really small pimple nothing huge I use a prescription cream it works ok I think it could work better but for now its ok but I don’t get how ever girl in my grade has perfectly clear skin but I don’t I’m gonna try tht strawberry and sour cream mask though and mayb the lemon one too I like natural things like tht

  • sara15

    i hate acne -.- I use clean & clear almost every day,it helps sometimes,but when I woke up BUMM they are here again :S

  • Nikola

    I use the Clean & Clear products. In my opinion there afordable and work really well…So befor you go and bye something expenis go cheak that out… πŸ˜‰

  • Alyssa

    I use homemade things
    * Strawberry & Sour Cream Mask
    * Use Rubbing alcohol (May dry out skin)
    *Real lemon juice & egg white
    *Some toothpastes
    Just look it up it works wonders for me(:

    • Lee-Anne

      Oooo, how do you make the strawberry and sour cream mask? Is it okay to use on sensitive skin? I have sensitive skin so thats probably why I break out a lot. That and I have my fringe in my face almost all the time πŸ˜›

      • Alyssa

        Its simple. By the way I have sensitive skin too!So I say its pretty safe! You take like a normal strawberry, cut the top off. Now put it in the bowl put a dollop or two of sour cream. And start mushing! By the time you are done it should look pink! I like “steaming” it off my face! Just simply put warm or hot water on a washcloth and press it to the spots you applied the mask on!
        Hope I Helped(:

  • Kk

    I use a non prescription spot acne treatment product called terminator 10 and its like magic! I think its fairly cheep. I have fairly sensitive skin so i cant use a lot of acne treatments but i love this one! It works really fast too. I dont know but i think its worth it.

  • Paige

    Hey gurlz! i had a friend come up north with me. She had really bad acne last year, but it really cleared up. I asked what she was using when we were in the bathroom cleaning our faces. she said benzaclin. It is the most amazing product ever! I dont have aton of acne, just a few bad zits. And, my face was really oily. No matter what i did, it lookes like i just jumped in a pool! it absorbs all oil. Ask your parents. It is exspensive, but it is worth it! Online, there is also a good brand called Paulas Choice. If u have mild or occasional acne, its for you! Just go on her website. If you have bad acne, and you want them to disappear quick, use epiduo. Amazing! but it can dry out skin. And only use it at night because i learned that at school when i was rubbing my face it rubs off onto a really sticky paste…its weird. But affective! Good luck to everyone! (And i dont wear make up because of benzaclin) =)