I Have So Much Acne. How Can I Stop Breaking Out?

As tempting as it is, DON'T pop your pimples!

Dear Heather,

I think there is something wrong with my skin, because sometimes I have A LOT of pimples, then the next day I have absolutely none. I use a daily wash and treatment gel that the doctor prescribed to me, however I do not see the difference. It’s really frustrating especially when I plan to go out with my friends and then in the morning I wake up with spots and have to cancel the plans that were made. Sometimes I even think it will make people view me in a different way. This makes me feel really self-conscious. Is there anything I can do to stop this cringe-worthy problem??

No doubt about it, breaking out is so annoying. However, while it might feel like you’re the only gURL going through this, take comfort in knowing you are definitely not: acne happens to everyone, especially teens.

If your acne is super stubborn, going to the dermatologist can be a great solution. Since you’ve already seen a derm and the medicine isn’t working, you should let him/her know. Make an appointment and explain exactly what’s happening. Sometimes it takes a few tries to find the treatment that’s going to work best for your skin (everyone is different).

Or, take matters into your own hands: ProActiv usually has good results and can be ordered easily. Over-the-counter products, like Neutrogena or Clean & Clear, can be great are great for short-term solutions, like if you want to get rid of a pimple right away. And no matter what medicine you’re using, make sure you stick to these general rules: wash your face every morning and night, never sleep with makeup on, try not to touch your face throughout the day (the oil and dirt from your fingers lead to break-outs), and don’t pop your pimples — that leaves scars.

And don’t let your acne rule your social life. If you’re really uncomfortable, invest in a good concealer. Just remember — you might feel like everyone is noticing your zits, but most of the time they’re really not.

WDYT, gURLs? Do you have stubborn acne? How do you get rid of your pimples? Do you ever notice when your friends are breaking out? Give us your tips and discuss below!

take care,

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  • Jazz

    I just hate my face so much because I have got like loads of spots pimples scars and other stuffs on my entire face e.g. Forehead Checks chin… I hate it so much and always look for a way to clear them up completely. I wish I had a cream that would have fade away everything from my face cuz I know I am beautiful with out them.. It really bothers me so much.. It lacks my confidence and my social life cuz I don’t like doing too much make up to cover them up every single day just to go out as I feel a bit happy after doing make up and going out..

  • Bri Bri

    I am in middle school, and in my school all the other girls have no acne and people make fun of me because I am one of the only girls that do. I am not allowed makeup. And neutragena, clean & clear, olay do not work for my skin… ( they turn my skin red and starts to burn and peel off, like a sunburn) can someone recommend a brand for me best to use? I can’t go to the dermatologist because where I live, to get an appointment it will cost a couple hundred dollars. I guess I am a early bloomer I guess for acne where I live…

    • Ananya

      hi I have 2 ways –
      1) have safi twice a day
      2) soak neem in water and keep it overnight then use the water for bathing
      these will surely help you out … waiting for your result .. best of luck !!

  • That’s what she

    I totally agree, pimples are the worst.

  • uden

    i get pimples more frequently.
    i wash my face twice a day bt more i care abt it,more i get pimples n black heads on me…can i have a better solution here??

  • Camille b

    I bought Citrus Clear for my 13 year old who was starting to get pimples around his nose and mouth. The next morning after the first use we could tell a difference. Less pimples and the ones that he did still have were smaller and less red-and this happened overnight. So far this system is working great!

    Do not use the Tangerine Tingle though – it irritated his face, but the Citrus Clear face wash did work!

  • Me

    Ahhhhh! It’s getting really annoying! I’ll try out these tips. Thanks Heather!