Discuss: Have You Been Vaccinated For HPV? Or Are You Planning On It?

Is the vaccine right for you?

When the HPV vaccination came out in 2006, gURLs everywhere from ages 11-21 were urged to get it right away. HPV is a serious infection that affects at least 50% of sexually active people. It can lead to cervical cancer and most people don’t even know that they have it. Getting the shots seems like a no-brainer, but as of last year, only 49% of gURLs actually got the shot — so why are more people not getting vaccinated?

Scientists have a few ideas about why more gURLs aren’t protecting themselves against cervical cancer. Since it’s a new vaccine, no one really knows what the long-term side effects are, which makes some people nervous. For some, the vaccine is just way too expensive.

But they think the biggest reason is that parents don’t want to admit their daughter is having sex. The best time to get the vaccination is when gURLs are younger and before they’re sexually active, since the shot doesn’t work if you’re already infected with HPV. Some parents are afraid that once a gURL gets the shot, she’ll feel safe enough to have unprotected sex.

Remember, you can easily contract HPV when you have sex without a condom. Birth control pills don’t protect against this infection, and a lot of guys can be carriers and not even know it.

WDYT, gURLs? Have you received the HPV vaccination? Are you planning on getting it? If not, are you worried about getting infected with HPV? Discuss below!

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  • Dení

    I´m afraid to have HPV because i lost my virginity last December and even if we used a condom, it slipped out one time and my BF (now ex) changed it but IDK, i´m also scared of getting the vaccine D: needles scare the shhhhhh out of me!

  • Suzanne

    Ive had 2 hpv shots already. The first time I got a tetanus shot a meningitis shot and a hepatitis shot at the same time. My arms were a little sore that afternoon. I just think its really important to get all your vaccinations. If you havent had your hpv shots yet, please get vaccinated!

  • Shelby

    I am really just worried about the potential side effects. When the shot first came out, “I knew I would be with the same guy forever”. We have since broken up but I am scared to get the shots 🙁

  • Cool-io

    we have to have them at school soon

  • Smh

    I got all three gardasil shots &still contracted hpv. I honestly wish this is something the doctor could have told me before getting the shot.

  • Taylor

    My mother made me get the shots right away because she had HPV and Cervical cancer. Both my parents realized that some day I was going to have sex and they wanted me to be protected.

  • _bubbles_14

    got my last shot today! (: