What Should You Wear (And Not Wear!) On Your First Day Back to School?

How will you make an awesome first impression? Quiz it & find out.

As far away as it seems, the first day of classes is actually coming up — fast. This means you need to start shopping for books, bags and most importantly, clothes. Are you the type of gURL who picks styles with a little more edge? Do you go for comfort or does the traditional polo work for you? Find out what look you should sport on your first day back at classes!

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  1. avatar Olivia says:

    Something that makes you look flattering

  2. avatar Chappy says:

    Don’t ever wear big heels! Bad idea, especially on big campus. Wear flat-heeled shoes (flats, sneakers, etc); something tat is comfortable 2 walk in.

  3. avatar Danyah says:

    Well I have a dress code at my school but actually mostly I wear skinny jeans, a shirt, bikes shoe and a jacket!

    But today I wore I white undershirt and on top of it is a blue shirt with a black jacket half zipped and a black skinny jeans with a Nike shoe the high blach ne with blue and white with my hair straitened down.

  4. avatar EA's Wayward Victorian Girl says:

    Personally, I wore a black faux-corset(looks like a corset, but doesn’t actually make your waist slimmer)rainbow stockings, a poofy black skirt and combat boots. xD

  5. avatar niceaj says:

    khaki pants and school shirt, i got a damn dress code!

    • avatar Bri says:

      I’m so sorry, I just got out of dress code.. it sucks!!! Wore it for towo years then moved…. I had to check to make sure I still know what to wear! :}

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