Help Me Henry: Do Guys Dig Short Hair?

Henry here. I admit, I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus while gURL transitioned to its new site (Isn’t it shiny and pretty?), but I’m officially back and they’ve even given me my very own sweet illustration. Check out this stud:

Help Me Henry: Ask a Guy a Question

Anyway, back to business. Today, Audrey asks:

Dear Henry,

I cut all my hair off when I was in 7th grade. I have had it pretty much as a pixie cut for the past few years and have had a few accusations about my sexuality. This doesn’t really bother me, I am a completely straight, but I was wondering if guys assume girls with short hair are gay? Or if it affects how attracted they are to them at all?

To answer your question simply, no, guys do not assume girls with short hair are gay. Truthfully though, it might make us question whether or not a gURL is into other gURLs, but that’s mainly because in our culture, short hair has become associated with lesbians. But then again, aren’t well-dressed guys associated with being gay? I enjoy myself a nice cashmere sweater (and can even identify short hair as being a cool trend for gURLs right now), but I’m definitely comfortable with my sexuality too. My point is: Any guy (or gURL) that’s questioning your sexuality because you have short hair is basing that off a stereotype.

In fact, some guys find short hair to be hot, myself included. But it’s more a What kind of flavor do you like? kinda thing. Some guys wouldn’t go for a gURL just because she has short hair, the same way that some guys just won’t go for a gURL that’s not a blond. There’s always someone out there who will like what you’ve got going on, whether it’s short hair, long hair, green eyes, big toes, small boobs, big butts and, well, you get my point.

What’s really important is that you’re totally comfortable with your sexuality and even rocking the short hair. Not to sound too much like a dude trying to write in chick language, but own it! What’s most attractive to guys is a gURL who is comfortable with themselves and never faking it. Newsflash, ladies: When a gURL tries too hard, it’s an instant turn-off.

So, was my advice helpful? Is there something else only a dude can answer for you? Post it in the comments or drop me a note at

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  • Wyke

    I don’t think so I like girls with short hair but I do know one that is bisexual

  • sexy13

    to henry i like this guy he has rubbed my neck im not into the whole gf/bf
    i like him….. so…much i could talk about him everyday… and i mean it helpp…. me plz can u give me tips how to show i love him back…..

  • aelx :)

    hey henry,
    i need some advice with this guy. this is the first year we’ve been in the same class and we sit beside each other in math. we talk allot and he steals my stuff (pencils, pens, paper, ect.) and we laugh and makes jokes and he’s REALLY nice, so i really like him. i’ve asked some of my friends (mostly girls) and they say he’s into me but i’m still not sure and i wanted a guys oppinion, one that wont lie to me to “spare” my feelings.

    thanks 😉
    p.s. your henry illustration is adorable

  • Katie

    Dear Henry,
    I really like this guy but he doesn’t act like he is interested as anything more then a friend, and girls way prettier than me are into him so I feel like there is no competition and he’d pick them over me any day. But I really like him and want him to notice me like he notices those other girls, the only problem is I’m usually really outgoing, (maybe a little TOO much) but when I’m talking to a guy I like I get insanely shy.

  • whazzat

    So, I had long hair forever but I cut it extremely short (close to the look in the pic) recently. I thought it looked good but I’ve definitely had people mistake me for a guy or just outright ask me what gender I am. I think it’s mainly due to me being a lazy dresser and having below-average fashion talent. I’m fine getting it from strangers but I have this one friend who is mean to her friends to cheer herself up and she just won’t let it go. Other than that though I think I’m a lot happier with it now than I was before.

  • anonymousgurl

    last year i got my hair cut to look exactly like the pic of emma watson above. I was 100% in lovveee with it, and a lot of my guy friends liked it. there were a handful of times where i got asked if i was a guy or girl, but honestly i didnt care. If you feel good, youll look good and you shouldnt care about the guys who think its butch or whatever. I, being a girl, love to see girls not look normal, yknow? too many girls have straight, long boring hair :))

  • Pepper

    i’ve alwaays wanted short hair, so on the last day of school i finally got it cut. now i get people asking me whether i am a boy or a girl – and the worst thing is, they are being serious. however henry has made me realise at least not everybody will be thinking that “) thanks mahn.

  • kumikolar

    i think Henry is either a gay guy or a girl, because everything he says is not from any guys point of view an he’s always trying to sugar coat things, be real with us !!

    • Qualia Holder-Cozart

      Clearly, what he just said was from a guy’s point of view…. I’m just saying. Pay closer attention to what he’s saying.

  • Ari

    If you feel hot and sexy with your short hair, own it. Not everyone can pull off that look, it’s great that you can.

  • Imma_Eat_Choo

    I recently cut my hair short and sometimes I wonder if it looks like guy-hair. I get self-concious about it sometimes. But this helped. Remembering that just being confident will make (almost) any ‘do look good helps. =]

  • Chelsea

    I wish there was a “like” button on here! haha. Henry is adorable!

  • savannah

    i know one guy who is ALWAYS dating girls with short hair!

  • tara

    aw, henry’s cute