A French Company Introduces Lingerie For “4-12 Years Old” and Kind Of Freaks Us Out

Admit it: this is just creepy.

When we think of lingerie, our first thought is definitely not little gURLs in matching underwear sets. But apparently the French company Jours Apres Lunes thinks it’s a pretty good idea, and we gotta say — we’re kind of weirded out.

The line is made for gURLs ages 4-12, and pretty much looks just like lingerie made for women except with a little bit more coverage. Jours Apres Lunes describes themselves as “the first designer brand dedicated to ‘loungerie’ for children and teenagers, comprised of loungewear and lingerie to be worn over and under, inside and outside.”

Forget about the inappropriateness of a five-year-old gURL wearing a matching bra and panties set when she doesn’t even need a bra yet — the pictures for the line are even creepier. The (really) young models are lounging around trying to look seductive and laying in bathtubs wearing practically nothing, complete with pearls, Amy Winehouse-style hair, and a full face of makeup.

WDYT, gURLs? Is this totally inappropriate or a really cute idea? Would you ever let your little sister (or daughter) wear something like this? Are you creeped out by the whole thing? Discuss below!

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  • Alisa

    I am personally very concerned by this. I think that if kids NEED bras young then that’s OK but after seeing ‘The Sex Ed Show’ some of these kids at about 7-8 are getting attracted to padded bras and stuff with slogans like ‘booty call’ or ‘look but don’t touch’! It is forcing them to grow up way too early 🙁

  • Casey

    And I personally had to wear a bra at 7. I did NOT like it at all lol.

  • Casey

    I actually looked at the website. The baby clothes were really cute. The toddler clothes…well, some of them were…odd…and others were cute and age-appropriate. The pre-teen ones were outrageous. They’d be appropriate for 16-year-olds, maybe.

  • Amanda

    This is gross, and people wonder why teen pregnancys are getting younger and younger!!!!

  • omg girl

    omg really i cant believe it i wud hav felt really uncomfortable wearing a bra at 7 no matter how big my boobs were i only got my bra 2 years ago and its still uncomfortable!!!!!!!!!

  • Jinx

    You people are ridiculous. It’s different for everyone, but many girls easily begin developing breasts and 8 and 9, even 7. I did at around that age. And as a girl with otherwise small measurements, I’ve been a size 34D since I was 12. I sure as hell needed a bra. They’re not trying to sexualize young girls. Some kids wear training bras, so they’re used to wearing one by the time they need it.

    The company’s advertising strategy on the other hand is frankly alarming, but a separate matter. The fact that the line is for ages 4-12 shouldn’t be an issue, because some people actually need it.

  • Brie

    1. Why does a 5 year old need a bra? who is still flat chested ?
    2. The parents of these models like the idea of people viewing their kids in underwear ?
    3. The parents buying this okay okay it’s cute and no one is going to see it and so on but why do the need a pieces that will make them uncomfortable that does nothing for them?( talking about bras )

  • Rain

    this is totally inappropriate! kids, specially girls, of this age should not be exposed to any sort of sex related stuff!

  • Lee

    So what? Their parents and they (them?) will be the only ones seeing them (and possibly just the girls.) Who cares if they want to feel pretty and grown-up?

    • sam

      how can you say that. 4 -12 yearolds.you think thats a good idea and that it ok. the only thing thats gonna do is get them pregnant at a young age and thats all we need is for our socity to be evean more jack than it already is.they can feel pretty in a diffretn way like totos or sparkels or wear mommys heals but not lingere.that is so wrong.i know that they dont understand what it is but they shouldnt be placed in a sexual invironment like that.it like thay are held as some kind of prize.its descusting.that is intamate apperal and they are like 5 dose that really make sense?

  • Laura

    tbh I don’t see the big fuss.
    Yes maybe it looks quite odd but they’re completely covered up.
    Maybe the photos are a bit to risqué but the idea is good
    I totally agree with Mia
    it is like a “Big Girl thing” my little cousin asked for a crop top set because she wanted to be like a big girl
    and she’s 7 ? xx

  • Mia

    Eh it’s kinda creepy the photo shoot. The Idea isn’t bad tho. Little girls with big sisters would like these. My 6 year old sister wears a bra (trainer, looks like a short tank top) and It’s not a big deal. It’s a “Imma big Girl!!!” thing.

    • Mia

      I do think though it shouldn’t be too “sexy” however. I mean that’s just creepy.

  • Tay Tay

    We aren’t their parents…What can we do, huh?? Let there parents handle it,plz……..-.-

  • Brandy

    This is not right they are just Babies !

  • Lee-Anne

    Are they trying to attract pedophiles!? This is completely outrageous! These are LITTLE girls were talking about here! Four year olds dont need bra’s. Neither do 6,7, or 8 year old’s. Man, I didn’t start wearing a bra until I was 10!
    I wonder how these people even thought of this? How did creating a line of lingerie for 4-12 year old’s even come into their minds? Was no one there to say, “Hey, this is really stupid and kind of perverted, lets not do this.”? So many questions, very little answers.
    And don’t even get me started on these babies looking “seductive”! These girls should be playing dollies, stomping in the mud after a rainfall and just being typical kids instead of posing half nude for a lingerie line that probably won’t even sell (If the parents are smart enough). If I had a daughter or little sister I would never let them wear something this ridiculous.

    …Sorry for the rant 😛

  • Emily

    why would you let a little girl try to look seductive? they shouldnt be posing for prno magazines, they should be out scraping their knees on sidewalks and ripping their skirts on swing-sets!

    • brie

      its fun?

  • who do you think it is?

    This is sick and disturbing.

  • ItsMelanie

    =____= Well, now we know whats running through his mind …

  • Haley

    It’s just an advertising scheme. They did it to get attention. It’s shocking enough that it’s recieving international attention, which is exactly what the company wants. Someone who hears about it may be compelled to look them up online, see something else they like and buy it. Even if that’s not the case, we have all heard of the company now.

  • Larissa

    I’m creeped out but yet again kinda mad! Little girls should not be looking seductive! I get the cultural difference but this is just plain wrong! I get the whole little girls matching panties thing, it’s cute, but ligurie is just too much! It’s too mature for them.

  • Sofia

    What the hell?
    This is like perfect for pedophiles.