One of the Coolest gURL Characters Ever is Finally Getting to Tell Her Tale

Meaghan Martin Wendy Music VideoEveryone knows the classic Peter Pan story about a dude who lives in Neverland, tortures Captain Hook and never wants to grow up. But what’s always been appealing to us about the tale is the exceptionally creative gURL character, Wendy.

In fact, Wendy’s such a cool character that she’s getting a re-imagined web series from her perspective. It stars our gURL crush Meaghan Martin as the title role and Pretty Little LiarsTyler Blackburn as her love interest, Pete[r].

Speaking of Pete, he’s apparently into serenading Wendy in this modern-day take. The song “Save Me” (with Golden Gate) is pretty darn catchy and if this video is any indication of what the series will be like, consider us just as gitty as we were the first time we caught the Disney flick.

Check out a musical preview of Wendy below and get more info on the show on Facebook.

What do you think of Wendy? Will you check out the show when it starts airing on September 15? Sound off below.

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  • Marina

    I agree. Wendy is a very interesting character! Hopefully, the producers will not “empty her out” by making her just another naive girly, pretty face. There’s much more depth to her than that!

  • Victoria

    I’m actually extremely excited for this! When I first heard of it I was like “Oh wow, now the whole magical story of Peter Pan is going to be ruined.” But the series looks really good! 😀 and this dude can SING! Love this song~ <3

  • Tommi

    Karen, I totally agree with you.I think it makes him 10 times hotter(:

  • Karen

    I never knew he could sing!