Discuss: New Research Says Facebook Lowers Your Grades. WDYT?

Who knew such a fun site could be so harmful?

It’s no secret that Facebook is a huge distraction. For a lot of teens, it’s easy to become a little bit obsessed with checking their Newsfeed and updating their statuses. How many times have you gone on the computer with good intentions to do your homework, and instead found yourself on the site?

Research has now found that using Facebook at least once during a 15-minute study period is linked to lower grades for students in middle school, high school and college. But that’s not all: the use of Facebook is also linked to narcissism and psychological disorders such as mania and aggressive tendencies. Also, teens who use media and technology every day are more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety. WTH?

According to researchers, the best way to continue using Facebook and doing good in school is to allow one minute tech breaks every 15 minutes. It might sound crazy, but researchers say that when kids know they can go online for at least one minute, they’re less distracted and more focused on their work.

WDYT, gURLs? How often do you go on Facebook? Do you think it’s affected your grades at all? Are you surprised that using technology so often can lead to depression and anxiety? Will this new research make you think twice before you go online? Discuss below!

Oh, and when you’re NOT studying, make sure to “Like” gURL.com on Facebook. K?

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  • renn101

    i completely understand. im 16 and a junior in high school. honestly, im not afraid to admit that i am a facebook addict. however, i believe facebook relaxes me because i have a way to communicate with my friends without using my phone. i know what they are up to, and i have a quicker and easier way of talking to my friends. but dont get me wrong, i do have a mild depression. i was bullied in the 7th grade and my life spiraled downwards from there. seeing what people post about you can drive a person insane and make them depressed about life. but facebook actually saved my life. i was too scared to talk to people about my depression, and almost killed myself because of it. i would post statuses which were dark and admittedly scary to my friends. because i wouldnt talk to people face to face because i didnt want to see people judge me (which was the reason for the depression anyways…), my best friend IMed me and asked me what was wrong. i wouldnt tell her at first but as the statuses kept coming, her worry increased. i finally told her what was wrong (over facebook) because i really was about to kill myself. i couldnt take it anymore. but because i was able to talk to my friend over facebook, im still here today and able to share my story.

    so as you can see, facebook isnt as bad as the researchers want us to believe.

  • Purplehaze

    Wow.. Yeah that doesn’t surprise me. I have the same problem. Im always going on my fb. It’s the same thing when im not texting anyone; I feel alone. Though i do spend less time on fb than i use to. Now i usually just listen to music, Do my homework, Or read :3

  • Lizzy Ward

    I really go on FB to find a friend to talk to when I need it or to update on whats going on in my life. Obsessing over it only leads to problems.

  • Alex

    I found that I was only on FB a lot when things were going wrong in my life. Like when my guy was being a jerk. To see if he’s saying anything or to try and “make him jealous” (STUPID. SO STUPID. Haha). It actually made me feel completely terrible and became obsessive when we broke up. I realized this and completely stopped going on AT ALL. I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER!

  • Brittany

    I’m 15 and i’m not on facebook. My parents wouldn’t let me have one back when i wanted one in like 7th grade. I’m sooooo gald I listened to them because instead of spending hours of my life on facebook, I create art and learn about the world. It’s also great for staying away from drama. NEVER HAD A FACEBOOK AND PROUD OF IT <33333

  • Loli

    I go on facebook a lot, almost everyday. I have tried to deactivate my account but I have lots of friends from different states and when I try texting them or calling them they never respond so I have been stuck to facebook.

  • Crystal

    I got sick of facebook a while ago as I was doing jobs to help my cousin clean tack for her horses and she was playing on facebook but I really want facebook to keep in touch with my family that live elsewhere. However, I’m not allowed. I’m meant to share my mum’s if I want but she doesn’t really let me look at it. WDYT?

  • Nyctimene

    It’s not a surprise that it’s linked to all these lower things. It’s full of fakers and liars. Most women on Facebook use it purely as a medium for garnering envy, attention and validation — often for things that aren’t even real.

    Even my own friend who I view as generally intelligent and compassionate women play this game. They constantly post overly-saccharine messages about their perfect lives and amazing boyfriends and how perfect everything in their worlds are, sometimes five or six times a day. Yet behind the scenes they’ll admit to me and other mutual friends that that same ‘perfect’ boyfriend is in jail or cheating and that their ‘perfect’ life is miserable and that they’re depressed.

    Otherwise it’s just 90000 pictures of your friend getting drunk somewhere or standing in a bar with their friends. People seem to do things just to take pictures of themselves doing it to post about, not because they actually want to go and enjoy an activity.

    It’s the worst of everything about the internet crammed into one area.

  • kittyocleo

    i used to go on it a lot but i was always worried or depressed because i got bullied at school, that started via Facebook and Facebook is also linked to my best mate’s being bullied because her account was hacked and things were written (after she deactivated it) and everyone says it is her that is doing it!
    personally i think that Facebook is a waste of time when you could be doing homework and isn’t worth keeping if people use it to bully you

  • Leanne! :)

    Facebook is almost nothing to me now, it’s mainly just Tumblrrrr! 😛 It’s kinda the same thing, same idea, but i really just go on Tumblr to express my feelings, reblog a few pictures, ask a few questions, and then I’m off. 🙂
    shesgotscars-and-storiestoo.tumblr.com 🙂

  • Natalie

    When in year 10 and 11 Facebook owned me. You couldn’t get me off Farmville.

    Now at the end of year 12 Facebook just isn’t interesting anymore because more and more it is being used as a tool to bully others rather than to contact others.

    I still do check Facebook often because it’s an easy way to converse with a wide variety of friends but I am extremely wary about what I post and try not to get involved in conversations/status updates that are just waiting for a fight to start.

  • kelly-ann

    Yes it can cause depression because your friends, boyfriend/girlfriend and even family are on Facebook. Young people feel comfortable to let out their feelings on Facebook, a way to relax and get views on their statuses. You often see photos with them cutting themselves or something that takes place when they become depressed. This is also caused by the gossip taking place between friends or enemies. I sign in on Facebook to chat with one or two friends, maybe play a game twice a week and also for the sake of my blog that I have recently began updating on a regular basis. However I don’t make it a priority in my life any more.

  • F.

    I think you have to know how to prioritize and focus. It’s not a problem with Facebook, it’s how you use it and to what extent you let your online life dominate your offline one.

  • Jessica

    To be honest i barely come on facebook. Once or twice i month i do. But nahh im not addicted. (: