Would You Give Up Sex For Your Cell Phone?

Is your cell more important than sex?

Are you completely addicted to your cell phone? Actually, let’s put it this way: would you be willing to give up sex for that celly? It turns out a lot of gURLs would, and we have to say that we’re kind of surprised.

A recent study reveals that 70 percent of women would rather go a week without sex instead of a week without their cell phone. We can’t help but wonder what this says about our priorities. Is being constantly available for phone calls, texting and Internet access more important than actually being intimate with a person? It got us thinking, and we wanna know what YOU would choose. So discuss your thoughts on the matter and vote below:

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  • Channel

    i’m a virgin so i cud more than say i’m not giving up my cell phone for sex

  • Holly

    I’d rather be having sex. 🙂 My cell phone’s been disconnected for like a month now & I can clearly live without it.

  • Salena

    I don’t use my cell for much at all. It’s not fancy. I rarely text or call anyone. The only one who I do text is my boyfriend when he has texting. I’d much rather have sex.

  • Tia

    Who in their right mind would give up sex for a cell phone? Obviously the people who voted “sex” have never had sex or have horrible sex.

  • Ashlee

    Why is this website embracing sex? this is the stupidest poll I’ve ever seen. Shouldn’t it be talking to our your about abstinence. GURL.COM , you suck!

    • Salena

      This website isn’t embracing sex. They are simply asking the gurls their own opinions and a lot of gurls on here choose to “embrace” sex and some choose “abstinence”. I think that is why most of us like this website because we can talk about anything we wish to even if it would be frowned upon or awkward in everyday society.

    • gabbiazz

      if this site sucks so bad then you shouldnt be on it!! isntead of complaining about then go! this site is awesome nd it isnt a stupid poll its just asking a question.

  • Carrington

    I like sex too much to give it up at all, even though right now I never know when I’m going to do it because my guy is away. I would much rather have sex than my phone, seeing as how I never really use it anyway. People know to talk to me on facebook.

  • Fatima, Pakistan

    Give up sex for a cellphone? That’s crazy.

    • Carrington

      I agree. I don’t even really use my cell phone.

  • Tiffany

    My phone doesn’t have texting, internet, or anything fancy. It just calls people. At school it’s the only way I can contact anybody. I’d basically be a fish without water without it. As far as sex with my boyfriend goes, yeah it’s nice but it’s not our number one priority. And there’s always vibrators.