Back-to-School Supplies That Will Impress the Pants Off Your Classmates

Mom & dad won’t be able to say no. After all, you “need” these supplies for school…

The Best of The Best Back-to-School Supplies and Accessories

The end of summer means only one thing for most gURLs: Time to head back to school. And while some of you are looking forward to new beginnings, new classes, and new people – we’re sure not everyone’s quite so enthused.

That’s why we scouted out some fun back-to-school items that’ll put a grin on your face even through 6th period Algebra. Or that 8:30am “required course” for Freshmen. Face it: You want to stand out this school year, so click on to see the best-of-the-best and leave the rest to the rest.


Paperclips in the shape of a furry friend will make keeping your papers and reports organized a little less boring.

From Here to Bear Paperclips, $27.99


Black and blue pens are for your mom and dad’s desk, not yours. Try these brightly colored pens in ten different shades instead.

Puffy Ink Pens, 10 for $22.50

Combination Lock

Always forgetting your locker combination? Now you won’t need to. This little locker gadget lets you create your own easy-to-remember password instead of a number. Just don’t call us if you forget that password.

Wordlock Texting Lock, $6.99


Come fall, you'll need to video chat with your buds on the gURL Boards or a friend at home with this cheapy webcam.

Lifecam HD-3000, $35.95

Messenger Bag

Not only does this messenger bag got swag, but it‘s also large enough to hold all your books. Functionality and fashion, people.

Kipling Jiangsu Bag, $79


Why use a boring calculator when you can do calculus with this purrty cool cat?

Kam Kam Calculator, $16

Pocket Mirror

Don’t have time to head to the bathroom to check your makeup? No worries: Just carry this mirror around with you and you’ll never need to do a mad dash to the gURLs' room again.

Pocket Mirror, $15

Mini Fridge

After seeing this fridge we know for sure that Hello Kitty is one cool cat. (Haha…see what we did there?)

Hello Kitty Mini Fridge, $129.99

Desk Organizer

It keeps your clutter contained, plays music, and lets you study late into the night with a bright light. What more could a gURL ask for?

iHome Desk Organizer, $29.99


This mouse flattens so you can transport it across campus without trouble. And it won’t even look weird when it’s creeping out of your jeans pockets.

Arc Touch Mouse, $59.95

Sticky Notes

Speak your mind with these funny stickies! Leave them in your planner with reminders for yourself or leave notes for your friends.

Just Sayin’ Sticky Notes, $3.99

Body Wash

A gURL’s gotta stay clean, right? Equally important: Using a product that smells just as good as your favorite food.

Vitabath Fragrance Collection, $9.99

Laptop Bag

Keep your MVP (most valuable possession) safe with a stylish bag that also has compartments for all those files you can’t fit on a PC.

Laptop Bag, $119


Stand out with this bag that won't let all your essentials fall out.

Shoulder Bag Kimono, $29


Plain old black and white marble notebooks don’t stand a chance next to these funky florals in different prints.

Printed Floral Notebook, $9.99

Portable Speakers

Listen to some music during lunch with this rechargeable speaker disguised as a Hello Kitty keychain.

Kitty Can You Hear Me Portable Speaker, $27.99

Tote Bag

Go green and show off some flower power while toting your books around in this vegan-friendly sac.

Flower Tote, $6

USB Drive

Forget 4-Carat, it’s 4-Gig. Never lose your flash drive again with this cute and convenient wristband.

4GB Bracelet USB Drive, $16.95

Planner Organizer

You’ll never miss a homework assignment again after you start using this planner. It’s so perfectly pretty you’ll want to keep checking it over and over again.

Organizer, $32


It’s cute, it’s comfy, it’s a staple in any dorm room or bedroom. Need we say more?

Dish Chair, $29.99

Water Bottle

You know that H20 stuff – it’s good for ya. You’ll stay cool (and look pretty darn unique) when you carry one of these water bottles around campus…or just to gym class.

Earth Lust Stainless Steel Bottles, Prices start at $16.


This gURL will keep all your keys in place.

Coil Girl Keychain, $10.50

Coin Purse

Anyone who tries to steal your coins will have to deal with these chompers. Yikes!

Teeth Coin Purse, $5.50


ID? Check. Money? Check? Meal card? Check. Wallet with enough compartments to keep all of that organized? Check.

Large Wallet, $37

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  • Jessica

    Why would I pay so much money for stuff that I’m gonna lose by the end of September?

  • Kira

    why would i ever pay 28.00 for paper clips. At the end of the day, thats all they are: paperclips.

  • Lo

    I have that webcam and I love it (:

  • Rae

    These are all cute. However, the Souffle pens aren’t meant for writing. They’re just meant for decorating. The Rilakkuma clips are definitely overpriced. Paper clips get lost so easily too, so I think that’s a bit too extravagant. I do want that mouse though. 😀



    • Liv

      Yes, Indeed. I already got all of my school supplies, and the entire purchase was under 50 dollars… they are not very fashionable, but a little d.i.y. could change that easily. School supplies aren’t supposed to be fashionable, they are supposed to help you get through the school and hold all of your supplies… I’m just sayin… 🙂

  • Alelia

    I think some of these things are a little overpriced but they r really cute !!!!

  • Stina

    is everythin in america that expensive?? dunno, im european, from the north, Estonia to be exact

  • Teddyclaire

    This stuff is soooo cute!

  • blueandyellow

    When I got this email, I got pretty excited. But this reminds me of stuff I would have liked in middle school, not college. :/

  • kate

    i don’t wanna be picky… but you can’t do calculus on that cat calculator. it only has the basic functions on it, so it’s pretty much worthless unless you’re in 6th grade.

    • jansku

      totally agree : /

  • angie

    that mouse is pretty slick, you should give it away on gurl,

  • Amara

    I love the rilakumma paper clips <33