How Does Emma Stone Define Cool? “Cool Is Passion.” (Exclusive Video)

For Emma, geeky is the new cool

Emma Stone may seem like one of the coolest gURLs in Hollywood, but she doesn’t think so. No, Really. When we caught up with Emma to chat about her character, Skeeter, in her new flick The Help, Emma told us why she has a hard time classifying people as “geeky or outsiders,” and what she did in high school that made her unconventionally “cool.”

Plus, we got Emma’s co-star Bryce Dallas Howard to spill on the rules she lived by in high school that you gURLs should totally follow, too.

Watch the entire video below:

The Help is in theaters now! WDYT, gURLs? Do you think being passionate about something is what makes you cool? Will you try to follow Bryce’s rules? Discuss below.

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  • Tiffany

    Being a nerd or a geek basically just means, being overly enthusiastic about what you love. “Being cool” in middle school or high school restricts you from this. I’d rather be a dork and have fun that attempt to be “cool” and apathetic.

    So when you call someone a nerd, or a dork, or a geek, you’re basically saying “You like stuff” And everyone likes stuff. XD

    As for the rules I always ate outside, I had my first real boyfriend in College, and well the alcohol thing? Well in high school no College yes. But I’m glad I waited until college.

  • America

    I actually did follow Bryce’s rules way before she even said it. But I will continue to follow rule 3: No alcohol!