Teen Mom Star Jenelle Evans Was Arrested Again. Do You Feel Sorry For Her?

Jenelle's mug shot.

It looks like Jenelle Evans just can’t seem to keep herself out of trouble. The reality star from MTV’s show Teen Mom was arrested, yet again, for violating her probation by allegedly using drugs, according to Radar Online.

Jenelle was taken into custody Monday night, Aug. 8, in Brunswick County, North Carolina to the Brunswick County Detention Center. She was later released on a $10,000 bond. Jenelle’s lawyer confirmed that she was tested positive for marijuana and opiates, and she’ll be going to court on Aug. 24.

Jenelle was first arrested after being charged with assault in March. We wish we could say she’s been behaving since then, but this is actually the second time Jenelle has violated her probation because of drug charges.

We definitely feel sorry for Jenelle — the gURL obviously has a drug problem, and we wish she would get the help she needs. But she also has a son to look out for, and she needs to be a good role model for him no matter what.

WDYT, gURLs? Is Jenelle acting like a really bad mother, or are you willing to cut her some slack? Do you feel sorry for her or do you think she’s entirely to blame? Do you think being a reality star is what caused her to act like this? Discuss below!

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  • ariey

    Honestly, she is a bad mom in my opnion. I know at certain points in the show she would try and do better and her mom would be rude to her, but my cousin was this same way. She was always bad, doing drugs, and looking for attention in the wrong way and she would lie and say she was going to do better and her mom would encourage her to just be disappointed once again so when my cousin said she would do better later on my aunt either blew her off or had that yeah right attitude. I think Janelle is a bad mom and she needs to pull her head out of her ass say fuck what people say and focus on her and her son instead of drinking and partying. I have a personal connection to this story and I know how it feels to see this firsthand.

  • jaclyn

    ok yes it is completely wrong of her to be doing this because she has a son, but what ive noticed when i watched the show is every time she would improve herself her mother would bring her right back down again(not always but alot of the time), and also the fact is at the beginning jenelle was trying to be a mother to her son jayce but her own mother wouldn’t even let her pick out his clothes, soo in the end i believe no jenelle should not be doing drugs and all that but on the other hand look at who raised her and how she’s acting like jayce is hers when really he’s jenelles.

  • Lauren

    She def needs to stop this, ATM she is a horrible mother, if she didn’t stp she will nor be able to see her son again…not that she would care! She has the drugs to help her

  • kKrissy Got Llay

    i really dont feel any types of sorri for her becausee she has a son a instead of spending time with him she wants to spokee. smh what a bad mom

  • Autumn

    i dont feel sorry for that chick @ all if anyone needs sympathy its her son

  • Chris

    ok, let me break this down. jenelle needs help. a lot of help. granted, her mom is a little psycho but that’s no excuse for how she’s acting. if she really cared enough about her son then she wouldn’t be out getting high or paryting with her ex freeloading boyfriend aka keiffer. she needs to be permanently kicked out of her house in hopes that she can grow up and start taking responsibility for her actions. she made her bed now she has to lay in it.

  • Lex

    No i don’t. She is constantly getting into trouble no matter if its stealing her own mothers credit cards or doing drugs. She was grown enough to get pregnant now she needs to lay in the bed she made for herself.

  • cece

    from watching Teen Mom, i think us viewers cut her enough slack. i understand that we are humans and we make mistakes, and we don’t know jenellle’s personal background, but chile, enough is enough. What we see on TV and in the blogs is not a good reputation of what a MOTHER should be, she just decided to become one as a teenager – twice the hardwork

    • Lauren

      Ik I used to be like oh she will change and everything will be good…..I gave up on her

  • Kelsie

    Her family and he need some counselling, i think it would really benefit her and her son in the long run

  • Yasmin

    I don’t really follow the show but I have seen a few episodes of Teen Mom and to me it looks like she grew up with a psycho for a mother which probably doesn’t help. I feel sorry for her. I hope she can get her life together and stay off drugs. If not for herself then for her son.

  • alannab

    i feel really sorry for her. she’s with a coke head. if it wasn’t for her mother her son would God knows where. and she cant stay out of jail. she looks twice her age too. yuck.

  • jessxo

    to be honest, she’s not entirely to blame. it is her responsibility to take care of her son, but her mother always gets in the way. she doesn’t let the poor girl do anything with her kid from the moment the child was born. although with all these charges it’s obvious that Jenelle wouldn’t win a custody battle with her mother.

  • Quiet.Girls.Hear.More.

    She needs to stop being the typical “Teen Mom” and be the person her son needs! 🙂

  • Taylor

    I think she defiantly needs some help, and her own mother doesn’t help. She grew up with no rules and no guidance. But honestly, she needs to step up and take responsibility for her own life. She has a son to look out for and that should be most important to her, but never really seems to be that way with her.

  • Star

    jenelle is either just dumb and defiant or needs some serious help…

  • TamTam

    I think this girl needs some harsh strict punishment “Boot camp anyone?”