Do You Really Like the Way Your Sweetie Kisses?

Do you like your sweetie’s smooches?



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  • lolnope99

    Ummm. My ex was terrible! She would spit in my mouth and practically eat my face….

  • Idk

  • Charlotte

    My bf thinks that just because we got off once, every other time he kisses me he can stick his tounge down my throat. I mean, a bits nice but all the time? Ew…

    • dsmithson

      I know how you feel! When I dated this guy, he did that all the time. He never knew how to stop.

  • Tori.gurl

    if only a little tounge, and put his hand on my butt instead of my boobies he would be perfet!

  • Anonymous

    well i was kind of dating this one guy and he was an amazing kisser ! but i’ve also had a super bad kisser, you just need to teach them what you want .

  • Fatima, Pakistan

    I love it, because I love the person kissing me. It doesn’t give me tingles or anything but it makes me happy.

  • jessicaann!

    Love it 🙂 My man is a marine so I don’t see him often…that just makes his kisses even better when I do get to see him!

    • Kristen

      🙂 aww that’s sweet. I don’t get to see my boyfriend very often either. 😛 The wait makes the kiss even sweeter.

  • Crystal

    I used to think my ex boyfriend was an awful kisser but I’d do anythin to kiss him now :/

  • Heather

    I answered I love it but only because I’ve taught him (without-words) how to kiss over time :L SO its all good now

  • Ariey

    I love the way his kisses always match the way I am trying to kiss and how they flow together. He is amazing.

  • Tatianna

    He bites my lip to much