Would You Lie to Your Best Friend?

Do you keep secrets from your bestie?

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  1. avatar sighgirl. says:

    Never ever lie. I lied about somthng personal.nd my best friend ended up hanging herself and taking her life at the age of 17 . Don’t make the same mistake me and others have.don’t keep anything away from them. Best friends are basicly ur siblings just not related by blood.

  2. avatar OMG says:

    I have lied to my friend, but I told them, and they were fine with it.

  3. avatar candice says:

    well of course but only to either spare their feelings or if what i dont want to tell them is really personal and hard to talk about…i dont lie to hurt people i lie to keep our friendship…

  4. avatar Fatima, Pakistan says:

    I would never lie to my best friends but I might not tell them everything immediately. Not telling does not equal telling a lie. Lesser evil.

  5. avatar Sian says:

    You should never lie or keep secrets from your friends but sometimes you have too.
    Me and my best friend are close but i had a secret and i kept it for 7 years but when she did find out she realised that i had to keep it for a reason and she respected my decision. You know they are a friend hen they find out you have a secret and resect your decision and let you keep it.

    • avatar rumissa says:

      we shld nver lie to ous frnds bt i no smtimes ve hav to bt the lie shd b resonable……….. n evn the fnd shld get to understand y u lied…………….

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