Have You Ever Been Sexually Harassed?

Have you ever received unwanted advancements?

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  • Ami

    Yes, I’ve been sexually harassed, but it was much different then on tv or in the movies. He slowly started to get more and more physical. First he started talking to me when I was all alone in the back room. He’d hunch over my shoulder so his face was by my neck, he’d stand so close our entire bodies would touch, he grabbed my arm- in a way that touched my breast- for no reason at all. Once he even showed me a book with a naked woman on the cover, asking me if I was interested. Maybe when I make a list of his offenses it shows how creepy he really was, but at the time, I felt like I was going crazy. This guy seemed to be well-liked by everyone else, he would usually act so friendly, and all of the things he did were gradual, escalating over a few weeks. During the harassment, I felt like I was going crazy. I was uncomfortable, but since he wasn’t overtly sexual, I assumed what he did wasn’t breaking any rules. I eventually reported it to my supervisor, and he’s been reassigned to another location. I’m glad he won’t bother me anymore. The thing that infuriates me the most is that even though he was the one in the wrong, I kept second-guessing myself, wondering if I somehow caused it, or if I was misinterpreting his actions. Now I know when someone is crossing the line, and I’m not afraid of calling them on it.